Lavola with Rug, Statewide Drifter, Hurly Burly, and Sunrise Surrogate

Statewide Drifter

Statewide Drifter is an Indie/Alternative/Reggae Rock group based out of Orlando Florida.


Rug. Is. What its name implies. Rug is ubiquitous, spanning all genres of music, styles, characters, and tastes. The irony of Rug is that the name means nothing, while the energy it creates means everything. It is whatever the audience wants or needs it to be. Devoid of musical cynicism, Rug creates what they enjoy. They write music for everybody because they write it for themselves. Whether Rug's subtle bass lines furrow out of the speakers of your mother's mini van, or their howling vocals saturate your senses at a live show, there is no escaping what feats your feet are about undertake. Rug seeks nothing from their audience but their unrelenting passion for music and a little bit of dancing.
With a reliance on collective creativity, humor, and an organic writing style, Rug has put the finishing touches on This Town is Crowded, their debut EP. Written and recorded in various Central Florida locations, including Orange City's North Avenue Studios, the album is a tribute to collaboration. An amalgamation of times, styles, and emotions, Rug's EP will somehow resonate with casual listeners, critics, cynics and bloggers. Let This Town is Crowded find it's way into your ears, and begin to understand why Rug is Rug.
-Chris Messeroff

$6.00 - $8.00


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