Billy Milano--vocals, bass
Joe Affe--guitar
Danny Burkhardt--drums

Rebel You Love to Hate, the name says it all, and the new work from Billy Milano's M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction) is not for the weak. In the two years from the disc's conception until its reality, the band and music has transformed into a new beast, and this is easily their best disc. "For me it's a whole new ball game, new members, new music and the beginning of a new era," states Milano. The Rebel You Love To Hate is more representative of a new band's first release than M.O.D. and their prior history. This disc is a new monster rearing its ugly head: listeners beware.

Shortly after the 1999 release of S.O.D.'s now legendary comeback album, Bigger Than the Devil, front man Billy Milano turned his attention to M.O.D. S.O.D. had influenced a generation of fans and now it was time for M.O.D. After watching a VH1 special on, of all people, Weird Al Yankovic at home one night, Milano realized that M.O.D.'s music could have a very cool and totally different approach if it were done in a satirical way. This direction laid the groundwork for a unique style, the meshing of heavy metal, hard rock, scathing political humor and iconic references presented in the rock forum. The Rebel You Love To Hate not only rocks, it finally addresses the hypocritical stance that many musicians, groups and musical minds seem to embrace.

On this outing, recorded at Big Blue Meanie (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Thursday) and Wayne Manor, Milano is joined by guitarist Joe Affe, formerly of New York hardcore band Maximum Penalty, drummer Dan Burkhardt and rounded out by lead guitarist Paul Crook (Anthrax, Sebastian Bach), current shredder for Meatloaf. Mixing was handled by Billy Milano (M.O.D., Merauder) and Dan Korneff (Ill Niño), while mastering took place at the premier mastering studio, Masterdisk, with Roger Lian (Slayer, Staind) at the helm. "After 2 years, the result of this record is nothing short of colossal," states Milano. "I am so happy with this record I could leave the music industry. It has production that I never thought possible. Every song on this record is a statement, every song counts as much as the others. The artwork and packaging says it all in the end for me. It's about putting the fun back into the music scene and making kick-ass records that rock."

With songs like "Wigga," which makes light of the white suburban Urban wannabe Gangsta,' to "Rage Against The Mac Machine," a song that questions not only the integrity of the band (Rage Against the Machine) but also shoots down the credibility of the group's efforts by exposing the double standard that so many musicians take but rarely understand. The techno romp of "De Men Of Stein" points out the neo--fascist fashion statement that techno seems to embrace and glorify. From the hardcore rocking title track, to the studio live version of "Get Ready," a homage to the legendary Kiss, this record offers fun for the whole family and is the feel good album of the year. Love him, hate him, you can't escape him... The Rebel You Love to Hate is guaranteed to offend the timid..


Nemesis is a three piece thrash band! Band members include:Corey Hetrick (Guitars/vocals) ,Viken Tashjian (Drums), Jason Duncan (Bass) True, old school thrash!

Atrocious Abnormality

Atrocious Abnormality is a brutal death metal band from Kings Mountain, N.C., formed in Feb. 2006 by Brent Williams, former drummer of such bands as Lust of Decay, Putrilage, Chaosego and more, and Steve Green of Lust of Decay and Comatose Music. After a month or so James O'Neal from Apotheosys and now Lecherous Nocturne was recruited for the bass duties, which he handles quite well! After about a year and a half of writing Atrocious Abnormality entered Sound Lab Studios in Columbia S.C. with engineer Bob Moore in July 2007 to begin recording of the debut full length album "Echoes of the Rotting". Shortly after the album was released on Halloween 2007.
Now brings 2011, and after a couple of line-up changes, Atrocious Abnormality is once again a 3 piece band, yet still hoping to find an able guitarist to fill the void, and the band is possibly seeking to add a vocalist to the ranks as well before the recording their 2nd full length album to be titled "Formed in Disgust".
The new album will consist of 9 songs and will be recorded in the winter of 2011/2012

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