Tribute to the Big 4

Tribute to the Big 4

4 of Chicagos top tribute bands have come together to pay tribute to one of the greatest concerts of all time; The Big 4.
We have Damaged Justice the tribute to Metallica, Hell Awaits the tribute to Slayer, Hangar 18 the tribute to Megadeth, and Among The Living the tribute to Anthrax.

Hangar 18

Five years ago, when scientists spliced the genes of noted junkie musicians James Brown, Jim Morrison and Nikki Sixx, there was no way they could have predicted that the results would set the music world on its collective ass. This strange mix of metal, booze, soul, and psychedelia helped create what is commonly known as 'Hangarmania' or, in laymans' terms, mania for Hangar 18. Hangar 18 is MC's Windnbreeze and Alaska (aka Timillionaire) and producer paWL. The collective's first album, the critically acclaimed Multiplatinum Debut Album is a mixture of paWL's future funk old school park jam production mixed with Wind and Alaska (aka Timillionaire)'s rabbit punch lyrics. Many have said that the album is what Guns n' Roses would have sounded like had they been a hip-hop group. Hangar 18 has spent the lion's share of the past two years touring the US of A or (as George Bush calls it) "Gods country." They have shared the stage with the likes of One.Be.Lo, RJD2, Atmosphere, Blueprint, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def, El-P, and others. Last summer they headlined the hip-hop stage on the Vans Warped Tour. Recently, the band took time off from a rigorous touring schedule to work on their follow-up effort to the MPDA, which is titled Sweep the Leg. Their sound has taken a more sophisticated and serious turn, retaining the fun of the first album. Where the MPDA sounded much like Guns n' Roses if they were a hip-hop group, this album has the feel of Slayer if they were more into Satan.



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