Liz Wood

With pen in hand and years of trials and tribulations behind her, Liz Wood is known for putting her all into her music from an early age. With influences that span genres and decades, she finds familiarity in the songwriting styles of Bob Dylan, Jacob Dylan and the performance styles of greats such as Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. After making the move out to Los Angeles, Liz found her place in a close knit community of musicians, exploring her own style in a way that eventually created the self-titled pop-infused debut “Liz Wood” produced by good friend Evan Brass. Shortly following the release of her first EP an earth shattering event rocked her life, sending her into a writing tailspin that left lyrics floating around her home on receipts, napkins and even her own skin; all culminating in the songs showcased on “Into My Own” and bringing her sound to new heights reminiscent of Fiona Apple's earlier work.

Rachel McGoye

Having released 4 albums and weathering a good 10 year run in the Los angeles music scene, Rachel is looking forward to new opportunities and being back East. "Change this"," be this way", "wear that", "look like this" are the very words that inspired Rachel McGoye to write the title track of her latest E.P titled 'Ghetto Gloss' produced by Alex Band (formerly of The Calling). Rachel's music can be heard on various college radio stations across the globe as well as Pandora and ITUNES. Having obtained a B.A from the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, Boston, Rachel then headed to L.A, to pursue her dream of being a Singer/Songwriter. After a few years of writing and playing several shows a year, McGoye independently released her first acoustic E.P titled “ What Day Is It?” With the release of her E.P came the attraction of several Indie labels. In January of 2007, Rachel signed with 10spot Records out of Encino, CA and started recording her first full-length release titled “Beautiful Disaster.” Produced by Steve Harvey (The Temptations) and recorded at Studio at the Shores in Malibu, CA, Rachel had the astounding opportunity to record with some of L.A.’s most sought after studio musicians who have been playing for artists such as The Temptations, Chaka Kahn , Rufus Wainwright, Lauryn Hill and several other amazing artists.

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, La Mer, has had a exciting, deep, and tumultuous relationship with her music. From her time in the bright lights of New York City's Broadway to giving her voice to the Brooklyn and New Orleans band, The Mumbles, she's toured the United States, parts of western Europe, and released several EP's. After taking a break from performing and touring, La Mer found herself taking time to explore her songwriting craft more in-depth, creating space for introspection, exploration and self-discovery. Returning to her native home in Los Angeles and immersing herself into the gritty beach culture of Venice, La Mer has honed in on a distinct signature sound that is both sweet and sexy, warm and insightful. Her collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Andy Kravitz, solidified the direction of her newest venture, "Anchor Baby" due out in June 2013.


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