Julian Bell

From banging on pots and pans, playing his toy guitar, and singing joyfully as a child, to now strumming melodious tunes to audiences across the country, Julian Bell from the suburbs of Washington, D.C, is a singer-songwriter with a passion for delivering music from the heart. His music is a fusion of sounds with influences ranging from percussive pop to expressive blues.

Julian Bell is an optim
ist and realist whose reflections on life are creatively communicated through his music. His songs express the things about life and love that we often take for granted or easily overlook. Julian’s goal is to create music that people will love and enjoy listening to over the years. No longer just a visitor to Chicago, Julian can be seen headlining at festivals, playing at local stages, and local coffee shops.

Julian’s love for inspirational and thought provoking tunes stems from his beginnings as a student guitarist for a worship team at a church where he and his family use to attend. Later, Julian would continue his love for music in high school by singing in musicals and playing for the school’s worship team. Having a heart of compassion for others, Julian traveled to Guatemala with his school to help build a library for a children’s orphanage, and was able to share his musical gifts to bring smiles to many little children.
Completing his studies in music and performance at Columbia College in Chicago, Julian has been steadily perfecting his craft. As he likes to say, “making moves” only comes by preparing for an opportunity. Julian competed and earned a finalist spot in the Open for Dave Barnes competition. Following that opportunity, Julian earned a coveted spot on NBC’s second season of The Voice. While working on his first EP, to be released this year, Julian was approached about a new show produced by Queen Latifah titled, The Next, for the CW network. Julian earned one of four spots to represent Chicago in the singing competition.

Julian has released a single from the EP titled: Breakdown, available now at

Fly Phoenix

Hailing from Chicago IL, Fly Phoenix is a diverse and multicultural alternative soul band with a fresh sound and a captivating live performance. With 5 members all from varying backgrounds of funk, soul, rock, hiphop, jazz and fusion, they combine their styles to create the modern yet tasteful sound that is Fly Phoenix. Whether in the studio or on the road, Fly Phoenix is all about spreading positivity through their music. Their live shows are a true showcase of their power and individuality among the sea of musical artists that exist today. If you happen to pass through Chicago in 2012, be sure to look out for performances from this up and coming band. You will not be disappointed!

Wes Hollywood

After cutting his musical teeth in Chicago’s beloved garage-rock combo Kingsize, Wes Hollywood decided to broaden his horizons by forming the eponymous Wes Hollywood Show in 1999. Over five years and four albums, the signature Wes Hollywood sound came into focus – a muscular mix of new wave and power pop that earned the band a legion of fans and a serious reputation, culminating with the Moonraker
LP, a well-loved touchstone of the Chicago scene. But never satisfied and always looking for ways to reinvent himself, Wes formed the band tenniscourts in 2007.

Over the years, Wes has stomped on every big stage in Chicago, including The Metro, Double Door, Schuba’s, Bottom Lounge and The Hideout, to name but a few. His music has beamed from the antennae of WXRT, WLUW, WKQX (Q 101) and all of those left-of-the-dial stations that cool people listen to as well.

But now Wes has taken the best of everything he’s done, cherry-picking the best of his accompanists and ideas under his original nom de guerre Wes Hollywood. He has finally put together the perfect distillation of his delirious pop style, and the new LP Fantasy Arcade is the result.

61Inch is a German rock band from Eberbach, close to Heidelberg. They play since 2010 in the formation of Jesse Safferling, Klaus Körmös, and Phrosh. The songs are written almost exclusively by Jesse, the singer and guitarist of the band. The texts are written by him as well as Klaus the bassist. The press referred their musical style as Postbeatrhythmcollegebritpoppunk. They set high standards of sound and musical quality.

Living In Pretend

We're Living In Pretend, or as we're also known, the collective consciousness of Andrew Lothian and Eli Noll. Hey. We wrote some songs for you, and then we made them into a kick-ass record. Along the way we had some of the most ridiculous musicians we've ever come into contact with (Paul Hall, Herf Yamaya, Packy Lundholm, Derek Bahr, Tim Yamaya, Hannes Butzer, Marty Sirvatka, Neil Carson, Bill Prokopow, and Noam Wallenberg) lay down their collective consciousness on our songs. The result was something we could have never imagined at the beginning of our journey and we couldn't have come close without their help.
We're going to need your help for this next part. We want to get this record out there, EVERYWHERE. It's FREE. If you like it, give it to somebody else. Burn it. Blog it. Post it. Whatever you can do to spread the love. It's one click to download and it's free, sounds like a pretty risk free situation to us. But the reward will be much, much sweeter. We hope you enjoy these songs as much we enjoyed making them -- they're yours now. So take a listen, come out to a show, hang out, dance, and be happy because life is great when you're Living In Pretend.

$7.00 - $10.00


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