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nola dudes est. 2011. "we are good-ish."


Pentatonic warfare. Raw, sloppy, primitive shit. garbage, useless crap, rubbish


I Like to Support My Local Punk Rock Scene.

Bad Ideas

new shit from members of The Fishnet Stalkers & Fast Boys

The Bleeding Twats

One of North Carolina's punk bands. Formed in 2008 and beginning with only two members, the band has become a common name in the underground punk scene. Picking up a bass player in 2010 as well as many new songs, they're gaining in popularity. Even opening for people such as CJ Ramone. With more and more shows coming our way, we are currently in the middle of writing a record with a follow up east coast tour sometime in 2013.

$5.00 - $7.00


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