With a steadily growing, organic fan base, not to mention cosigns from Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle,the 20 year old’s raw and straightforward style glistens from front to back. It’s hard to argue with his claim to his town. At 20 years old and only two years rapping and producing, he’s released one of the best mixtapes to come from Kansas City. With visions of repping the whole of Kansas City in a way that no on else has, Gee Watts grew up on Kansas City’s North Side. He benefited from a strong family, but still fell into the rougher side of life that his neighborhood is known for. Still, Watts was always recognized for his intellect. In the gifted program during his school days, he wrote poems prolifically. At 18, while taking a break from a basketball scholarship to be there for the birth of his child, his friends encouraged him to take rap seriously. He put the street life away and focused himself on his art. During the following 2 years, Watts released an unbelievable amount of material – 7 mixtapes, in 6 months, called The 12th Tapes as well as his EP, Dopamine. In all of his 9 projects the audience can feel the struggle to do right by his family and his art with the constant allure of the street life that brought him up. From his first rap to this most recent mixtape, Watts has maintained an honesty that is relatable to any listener.

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