Biggy Stardust and His Wretched Hive, South Side Punx, Rapegoat, Aloha Broha

Biggy Stardust and His Wretched Hive

Biggy Stardust and His Wretched Hive is a 4-piece punk outfit hailing from Charlotte, NC. We've played many shows with local acts but have also been booked to open for several national and regional acts, such as The Misfits, Antiseen, Agent Orange, The Mentors, Joe Buck Yourself, The Have Nots, The Sex Slaves, Scott H. Biram and Thunderlip. We also played The Heavy Rebel Weekender in 2009.

We released our first studio album, Never Met A Guitar I Didn't Wanna Destroy, in 2009. We recorded the album in true DIY fashion with minimal equipment. The sounds you'll hear are lean, mean and raw. We're in the process of writing songs for a second album and playing shows around the region.

Don't look for "-core" or "-abilly" on the end of any description. It's just rock-n-roll, not too far removed from The Ramones or the Kinks. There's no political message or strong sense of fashion, despite being the best looking band in town. Not cool enough for ya? Not "indie" or "emo"? Fuck off.

South Side Punx

No Bullshit Queen City, East coast punk rock. We have played with The Vibrators, The Casualties, Lower Class Brats, Street Dogs, The Briefs, Dead Pets, Clit 45, River City Rebels, Brain Failure, Go Betty Go, Left Alone, NAKED AGGRESSION, Retching Red, the Independents, Straight Jacket, Buck Mountain Stranglers, Hectagons!, Boolow, Studio Gangsters, 25 Minutes To Go, the Low Budgets etc. Our goal is to make horrible noize and start a war.


north carolina mystery school records punk/hardcore/rock quartet est. 2008

Aloha Broha

Aloha Broha is a punk band that leans to the pop-punk side of things.

$5.00 - $7.00


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