Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe

"Beatie Wolfe is one of the most exciting voices in British music. Her powerful vocals, retro medleys and lyrics make her sound instantly recognizable. Until now, she’s been a well-kept secret. But that’s all about to change, for yesterday she launched her debut album 8ight – and very fine it is, too. Rich, smooth, velvety – yes, it sounds like a fine claret, but somehow that’s an apt comparison. It’s so full-bodied it’s practically 3D. If this is the future of music, we want in" - Gentleman's Journal

Pioneering young talent, Beatie Wolfe, is mixing retro with futuristic for her debut album 8ight, by combining a vinyl launch with a 3D Interactive Album Release. For the production of her album 8ight, Beatie has collaborated with leading tech wizards in the US, ensuring she’s the very first music artist globally to release her album as a 3D Interactive Album. This bold, innovative release unites great music with a new tangible art form and has won the young artist much critical acclaim and international coverage.

Early Reviews:
"Beatie Wolfe's voice is unique; it’s soft and sweet yet deep and powerful, which makes it captivating to listen to" - Wynton Marsalis
"Listening to your album - it's brilliant!" - GQ Magazine
"If this is the future of music, we want in" - Gentleman's Journal
“Beatie's debut album is beautiful. It’s hitting me, like lovely records do” - Monocle
"The very talented Beatie Wolfe!" - BBC Radio

Skating Club

Skating Club's sound was described in Rolling Stone as "languidly swaying, low-key melancholy that pulls brightness from woe." Atmospheric with a hint of alt country, it's make out music for old souls.

Jeff Conley

Three years ago, two 1960's Gibson guitars were stolen out of my car after a show. With a full schedule, I needed to continue playing, but could not afford to spend years looking for these vintage guitars again. With many old parts lying around my home, I decided to build instead of buy. Since then my passion has been playing & building only homemade guitars & drums.


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