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Allison's Invention

Fearless honesty, poignant lyricism and powerful melodies are the textures used to weave Allison Invention's (formerly Allison Tartalia) unforgettable music. Compelling and expressive performances have charmed and thrilled audiences throughout the country. Allison's Invention's new adult-alternative project, "Sweet and Vicious," is a lush melodramatic pop EP. The songs feature Allison on piano and a variety of vintage keyboards. Strings and horns help to create the atmospheric soundscape. A staple on the New York music scene, this Astoria based artist is no stranger to accolades and applause. Allison was recently nominated for an Emmy alongside fellow composers for the music that they created for the documentary 5,000 Miles From Home.

The Stacks

There are many musicians that are great with words, and more still that can play with passion and versatility, but the two together are inarguably more rare.

Andy Stack and Tania Elizabeth are two such artists. Intensely musical and intuitive players, they are both known for their abilities to accompany others with amazing sensitivity and accuracy. In sharing the spotlight, they uplift each other, creating a synchronistic magic carpet ride that audiences can’t help but come along for.

They met in a prohibition-era blues club in the middle of NYC, both having come to support a mutual friend who was playing there. A conversation about music turned into a four-hour jam session, and a duo was born. Their sound is an intoxicating blend of old and new; blues and gospel collide with kitchen-party fiddle riffs and crystal clear vocals that shake the foundation of North American music. Somehow they manage to walk the dirt road back to its very beginnings while simultaneously paving the way to the future of Americana.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you find a person with whom you can see eye-to-eye with most of the time. Even more rarely do you meet someone who fits you so perfectly that from the first moment you meet, you can read each other so clearly as to be able to predict each move. To see the two play together, it’s obvious that there is an understanding between them, a foundation from which anything seems possible.

Solid Goold

Open mic/songwriter workshop


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