Saddles is Charles Barth and George White. Saddles will release a full-length album in the spring of 2013.


we are a happy little indie folk rock band with up beat songs and sad lyrics 🙂

Poeina Suddarth

.Suddarth's new autobiographical musical, which premieres this week, is not just one long descent into hell, though, it's also a story of hope and resurrection, and contains some downright great music from her seventh CD "Happy Whore," including songs that range from intricate rock to bouncy country...Suddarth has been on the Northwest music scene for well over a decade, having made her professional debut on a side stage at the Lilith Fair (along with schoolmate-who-became-famous-singer Brandi Carlisle) back in 1996. Suddarth has played in various groups, including Bicycle, Redfish Bluefish, Felina's Arrow and Dark Time Sunshine. Her years of making connections in the business have paid off, as she's assembled a stellar Portland musical cast to accompany her, including The Shook Twins, Jenni and Amanda Price of Acoustic Minds and vocalist-violist Teri Untalan, who's worked with Buckethead, among many others....
~'Bedroom' puts inner demons to rest Moody, sometimes graphic production challenges audience
BY ROB CULLIVAN The Portland Tribune, May 19, 2011 performance stood out above the rest, Poeina Suddarth's...she mesmerized the audience with her emotional set which was both passionate and at times painful...Her songs reflect an incredible range of styles from operatic and melodic, to pop...A much more intimate crowd in the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge than her prior gigs at The Gorge, allowed for her music to connect directly with the audience. One young man gave up his stool at the bar, moved to the front of the room and sat entranced on the floor immediately in front of the stage, "That is one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard," he expressed as Suddarth sang "The Coral Reef." Her performance was visceral...
~Oregon Music News - show review by Anna Ammann 8/2010

Dark Time Sunshine Press

Poeina Suddarth... impressive and powerful vocals, seamlessly shifting from a soulful growl to a falsetto Minnie Riperton would envy.
~CT Indie-Show Review -DTS Author: Shawnnn | 2010

Felina's Arrow Press

...Poeina Suddarth's vocals were equally amazing in range and precision. From soulful to tender...
~Memory & Dream Duane Poncyat Elohi Gadugi Journal- International Women's Day FA Review by tsalagi red 3/8/09

...Poeina let her voice do the walking as her band chased at her heels
~AC associated content- Felina's Arrow: Infusing the Latina Vibe with Americana Review of Performance By Samuel D. Holder Portland, OR 11/21/08

Felina's Arrow = Cat Power + Bjork + Jewel?...The instrumental sound is exceptionally good and blends in with the ghostly vocals of Poeina Suddarth...
~FA album review slug magazine - CD review SLC, UT - 12/07 - Issue 228

"Their album, let me tell you a story, has a beautiful reminiscent sound of what it must have been like to see Ella Fitzgerald perform in her favorite piano bar...already starlets in a grungy river town, the women of Felina will be hard to miss being a shiny diamond in the rough of Portland."
~FA album review Just Out - A Class Act by West Duncan Portland, OR 5/07

"Felina's CD, Let Me Tell You a Story, is a breath of fresh air...The Vocals have a quirkiness that could be compared to Regina Spektor and Bjork…Suddarth's voice had the control of an opera singer, the tenderness of a folk singer, and the unleashed power of a woman scorned…
~FA album review Volcano Weekly – Sound Check Two Worlds Collide by Angela Jossy Olympia, WA 4/07

RedFish BlueFish Press

"Rich smoky vocals, intricate lyrics, a damn good listen. Their music is original, synergistic and raw with a range like a postal service zip code."
~RFBF album review The Boise Weekly, Boise, ID 8/03

Morning Theft

This project consists of members from The Constellation Branch (Jordan Cruz and Bryce Hill), Packrat (Rodrigo Ibieta), and Wizards of Time (Lorne Mills) with Chris Shearer and Cassie Chilton. We have no particular genre for our music...may possibly be determined by listeners when the new music is released.



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