We're pleased to announce that we will be having FREE BURLESQUE/PINUP MAKEOVERS again at the Slow Burn Burlesque show on June 15th! Thanks to the girls at Eimaj Spa, Esthetics, & Hair Studio!

Slow Burn Burlesque is the most thrilling show out of New Orleans! Combining classic style and glamour with punk rock attitude, and rock and roll fury, Slow Burn sets stages on fire with outrageous antics, glamorous routines, and hilarious behavior. Each show is bursting with over the top entertainment provided by our seductive core cast of performers and special guests from around the world, all to the quakin' sounds of our live band, This Stunted Sextette.

Slow Burn was founded in 2009 by entertainer Nona Narcisse. The first cast was comprised of Nona and burlesque performers Lady Lucerne, Dorian Faust, and Helena Honeypot. In need of an emcee, Nona approached her friend Ben Wisdom, who she knew as a funny guy with a radio voice. They put on their first show on the humble stage of local wine bar, Bacchanal, with recurring guests Roulette Rose, Moxie Sazerac, and Roxie le Rouge, all of whom would later join the cast as permanent members. The audience began to grow and Slow Burn moved to famous dive bar, The Dragon’s Den. While there, Ginger Licious and Ruby Rage joined the cast. After only performing there for eight months, so many people started attending the show that the club was being filled past capacity and the floor could be heard creaking beneath the raucous crowd. Thirsty for a world class venue and concerned for the safety of their audience, Slow Burn finally settled into the internationally known Howlin’ Wolf. Now, backed up by live band, This Stunted Sextette, Slow Burn performs at the Wolf monthly to large crowds of both locals and tourists all hungry for the unique and naughty shimmy and shake that Slow Burn preaches like fiery strip tease gospel. Slow Burn has gone through many incarnations including the addition of such stellar members as Bella Blue and Kitty Twist. The current cast is comprised of producers Ben Wisdom and Ginger Licious, founder Nona Narcisse, and performers Roxie le Rouge, Ruby Rage, Lady Lucerne, and Moxie Sazerac.

Slow Burn has traveled the country making waves with audiences and their burlesque peers. They have performed in world-renowned events such as the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, The New York Burlesque Festival, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The New Orleans Voodoo Music Festival, and took home the title of “Best Group Performance” at the Southern Fried Burlesque Festival in Atlanta, GA in 2012.

In 2010 Slow Burn embarked on the journey of making a documentary film with director Mike Sanchez, whom they met after Sanchez happened into Slow Burn’s first show at the Howlin’ Wolf. Sanchez was impressed by the show and after meeting with the troupe several times he found a story developing of pain, loss, and redemption in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Two years later the film “Save Our Souls” was born. It presents a deeply personal take on taking it off and is less about the pasties and g-strings and more about the people who live for their art. The film is currently making its way through the festival circuit and won an award at the Madrid International Film Festival for Best Documentary Script. Visit the Save Our Souls website for more information on this groundbreaking film:

Slow Burn Burlesque is on the move. Forever growing the show and perfecting their art, Slow Burn will be setting souls on fire for years to come. You can catch this exciting show monthly at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans or on tour in a city near YOU!

Nathan Nickerson- Magic & Mentalism

This is much more than your typical magic show. Using a dynamic mix of magic and mentalism accompanied with a modern score, Nathan has brought his ancient art-form to the 21st century. The show is full of audience participation. So much so, that every event is unique.

From award winning close-up magic to a stage show for thousands, Nathan is able to create an excitement like nothing else.

$12.00 - $20.00


* General Admission * Additional $5 Cash Surcharge At The Door For Under 21 * Only 18+ Admitted *

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