The Love Dimension

The Love Dimension

"The Love Dimension is an ever expanding sacred psychedelic music group from San Francisco (Originally from the lost city of Atlantis) that creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multi-verse. The Love Dimension is currently using their musical sound waves to open up hearts and spread the vibration of love on Planet Earth to assist in the quantum shift of the collective consciousness of humanity.

With influences that span the musical universe, The Love Dimension is a psychedelic blues garage punk country surf band whose shows have become an amazingly eclectic mix of music's past and future. Shining light through the spectrum of love and the inner journey, The Love Dimension successfully rocks the audience out of their minds, into their hearts, and onto the dance floor."

The Tenderloins

In 2003, a group of teenage boys from a content suburb of San Francisco, California began calling themselves The Tenderloins, along with a few other names here and there, as they approached their last years of adolescent freedom.

The band started as an acoustic duo formed by Matthewe Pullinger (singer/guitarist) and John Bologni (bassist) during high school and soon became the title of a much louder, more fully instrumented electric rock group. Inspired by bands like The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, and The Doors, their sound and image developed and supporting members fluctuated. By 2005, Pullinger, Bologni, guitarist Brett Baumberger, and drummer Danny Tuggle had become the consistent line-up of The Tenderloins who’s evolving style and quality had finally landed in the upbeat, grungy, psychedelic realm of rock it continues to explore today.

The Tenderloins have spent their recent years playing in the East Bay Area and San Francisco, refining their collaborative sound. Working long nights in interesting bars as a cover band, the boys earned themselves a seasoned history of playing together on stage, in and out of the spotlight. They recently recorded their first self-produced EP at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.

The Chaw is a four piece Psych Rock band from San Francisco, Ca.
The Chaw’s sound is very strong in character. Dark moody sounds, drenched in reverb, referencing soundtracks of the classic spaghetti westerns, big open bar chords and barky low register guitar leads ala Dick Dale, and psychedelic soundscapes, take you on a trip on a dusty trail through a vivid world, full of mystery, and intrigue.

The music is not your typical hodgepodge of genres, a label fitting of the music of many newer bands these days. The Chaw, who have a very strong identity, transport us to a very specific place. Their unwavering style draws the listener in deeper and deeper throughout the record. By not muddling their audience’s palate with superfluous or clashing musical ideas, The Chaw deliver a strong brew, bold and district in flavor.



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