If you were knocking around the Valley music scene at the dawn of the early Aughts, then you probably heard a thing or two about OTO. Generating an organic downtempo pastiche of funk, broken beat, Jamaican dub, acid jazz, and trip-hop created instrumentally, they went wild during packed and crazy gigs at old school venue's like Nita's Hideaway and Bash on Ash, frequently collaborated with the likes of Z-Trip and DJ Radar, got a bit of radio play at the time, and earned themselves a legion of fans.

Thanks to their unique mix and the trippy and dreamy vocal work of their ultra-colorful and pixie-ish Japanese-born frontwoman Coppé (pronounced "co-pay"), the ensemble's hybridizations were unlike most other sound produced locally in that era, outside of tracks spun at the time by such old school DJs as Jimmy the Mantis Claw.

Back Ted N-Ted

Back Ted N-Ted programs computers to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Back Ted N-Ted has worked with and remixed many artists including Imogen Heap, Ida Maria, Adam Lambert, Miniature Tigers, The Medic Droid, The Maine, Chronic Future, Gucci Main, The Fashion, Lymbyc Systym, Coppe`, Oh Land, Daggrr, Digital Free Loner Boy and was the "staff producer" of WMG's Modern Art Records.

Back Ted N-Ted has recently returned from a world tour with Imogen Heap and is residing somewhere in New York City.



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