Ignite & Imagery + 3 Album Release Party w/The Balance

Ignite & Imagery + 3

For fans of The Roots and Motown.

Ignite and Imagery + 3 is a hip hop/soul band from Winston Salem NC. Their sound is an eclectic mix of The Roots, Wu Tang, Motown, reggae, and progressive rock. Imagery raps and sings, Ignite Mindz plays the keyboard while rapping and sometimes the turntables too, Murph plays bass guitar, Incredibility plays guitar, and Ferdinello plays the drums. They play everything from slow soulful songs, to mosh pit inducing jams with high speed raps. They put on a high energy live show, where the number one focus is for everyone to have fun. The two MCs have an onstage energy that builds off of one another, and you can tell that they have been rocking together since high school. They’ve performed and recorded for years as Ignite and Imagery, but when they got together with a band of their incredibly talented friends, things really got interesting. Everyone brings a little bit of their own influences to the mix, and the result is a very original sound underneath lyrics that you can relate to. The MCs work extremely hard on their wordplay, but none of that matters if the flow doesn’t sound good. Too many MCs sound good but are lacking in lyrical ability, or vice versa, but Ignite and Imagery believe that you can have both. These days there are a few good singer/rappers, but few can do both as proficiently as Imagery. He has a surprisingly soulful singing style that can go from as smooth as Marvin Gaye, to as gritty as Otis Redding. His style compliments the band in a way that just feels complete and satisfying. Ignite and Imagery + 3 is on a mission to create great, original sounding music, have electrifying performances, and have a blast while doing it.

"But what’s even doper is the track “Get Your Hands High” by Ignite and Imagery! This joint is off their recently released album Gimmick Free which dropped on July 20. I’m about to check the balance in my checking account and head over to iTunes to grab this now!"
Kevin Nottingham - www.kevinnottingham.com

“a hefty album of soul stirring beats and thought provoking rhymes”
DJ Trew - Groundliftmag.com

"it is an album that demands a close listen for what it does well: being an accessible and sophisticated work"
Ryan Snyder - Yes! Weekly

The Balance

The Balance hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. Blending styles such as Fusion, R&B, Jazz, Rock, and Soul, The Balance has the lyrical strength and musical song craft that lives up to it's name. Known for their stellar musicianship, live improvisation, crowd participation, witty and socially conscious rhymes,and dynamic live show, The Balance are sure to impress at a stage near you.

Hosted by: Tuscon

For fans of KRS One, Wu Tang, and Big Daddy Kane.

Tuscon is hip hop. He lives it and breathes it every day. He grew up in Brooklyn battle rapping against his mother from a young age, and his complete dedication to the craft shows. Making his name in the battle rap circuit in Raleigh, he quickly grew infamous for taking no prisoners. He released a solo album called Strong Arm Down, and then he became a member of the 1100 Hunters. He's known for his nimble flow, raspy but sold voice, and great lyrics. He is heavily influenced by KRS One, Wu Tang, and Rakim.

Hosted by: S Gold

S.GOLD (birth name Steven Lavern Cameron) was born on the south side of Raleigh, North Carolina in 1986. Having been raised in some of the roughest areas in the “Capital City” including the Vodamin Gardens and Biltmore Hills neighborhoods, Steven grew up surrounded by drugs and violence and these issues unfortunately also infiltrated his home life. His mother battled drug addiction throughout his childhood which caused him to be shifted back and forth between her and his grandparents until 1997 when his grandfather decided to maintain custody in order to ensure that he would graduate high school. His grandfather worked as a custodian at Southeast Raleigh High School where Gold attended.
Never considered one of the “cool kids” and a virtual loner in high school, Gold used poetry and music as an escape, writing poems for girls he had crushes on and even penning poems for his friends to give to their girlfriends. Music always played a significant role in his life but his musical journey officially began in the summer of 2001 while spending time at his uncle’s house who worked part time as a DJ. His uncle would play beats while Gold freestyled, trading rhymes back and forth with one of his uncle’s longtime friends. It was then that S.Gold realized he was actually a talented budding emcee.
In 2003 his close friend Marcus Short solicited Gold to pen a couple of verses for his mixtape. During that time he rapped under the moniker GD (short for Goldie, describing his complexion) and the whole school was blown away by his guest appearance on the mixtape. His classmates said he sounded like Jay-Z (one of his musical idols) and at the urging of one of his friends, GD was replaced with S.Gold after S.Carter. The name caught on quick and suddenly the kid that might have been considered an outcast, eating lunch every day with his grandfather for fear of being a target of the “cool kids” actually became one. His peers would regularly ask him to kick rhymes for them and girls would stop him in the halls to take pictures with him exclaiming “You’re going to be big!”
Later that year Marcus encouraged S.Gold to come out with his own solo project. In his junior year of high school he released his debut mixtape simply titled S.Gold. That year he also teamed up with his
classmate and good friend/brother from another Benjamin “Lazurus” Curtis and another friend, Rsonist, forming a strong production and emcee conglomerate under the name “LAZRSO Records.”
Gold flooded the school with his music garnering respect andadmiration from his peers. With his confidence at an all time high, S.Gold dropped his second project Tales From the Eastside during his
senior year and before he graduated in 2005 he released his first album with all original material under LAZRSO Records called The Vision which remains one of his favorite and most prized works. In
2007 he released two projects- The Vision: Stairway to Heaven Sent and The Vision: Heaven Sent before taking a few years off from music to handle personal issues. Gold returned to the music scene full force in 2010, releasing his most notable project to date called The Forecast. He was also a contributor to the successful underground project The Millie Tape released in 2011 also under LAZRSO Records.
S.Gold has shared the stage with some of hip-hop’s underground giants including Kooley High, Sean Boog, Nervous Wreck, Mic Savvy and a host of other artists. One of the fondest memories of his rap career is freestyling live on the air with the Justus League’s Chaundon. Gold has appeared on North Carolina State University’s college radio station WKNC 88.1 several times throughout the years and his music is in regular rotation. He is a staple in the Raleigh-Durham hip-hop scene and is embraced by veteran emcees and newcomers alike not only because of his lyrical prowess but also because of his professionalism, his sincerity and by being an all-around great guy. By increasing his digital footprint with social media and doing more shows outside of North Carolina Gold intends to continue to expand his name and his brand, further perfecting his craft in pursuit of his dreams. His next project, The Storm, is slated for release sometime in 2012, exact date TBA.

$6 online / $8 at the door


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