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Nicholas Charles Thompson, known in some circles as NCT or Nicky T traffics in various styles of singer/songwriter sounds in the genres of alternative, rock, pop, and even a folk infused ditty if you happen to catch him in the right mood on the right stage in his home turf of Manhattan’s own Lower East Side.
NCT has been a staple of New York City’s music scene since graduating NYU in 2007. He started lending his voice and songwriting skills to many projects throughout the city, while simultaneously sharpening his live performance chops at various venues in the city. His voice has been featured in various songs and his writing skills have sharpened a number of hooks of a diverse group of New York’s own artists in various genres, however, he has placed most of his focus on his solo moniker Nicholas Charles Thompson.
Nicholas Charles Thompson has released three singles in the last year while preparing for a barrage of EP releases in the Winter of 2013 through the Summer of 2014. NCT had his first real accolade when he was picked to be an artist in the 2012 CMJ Music Marathon for a Turnstyle Music Group Showcase at the Ella Lounge that year. The show drew even more attention to the artist who afterwards focused a lot on making sure he was creating a show for the needs of the fan. That focus grabbed the attention of many as he was picked for his second CMJ Music Marathon, playing as a headliner for the Turnstyle Music Group Series at the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon. This event is also sponsored by Grolsch beer in its #ChooseInteresting music twitter advertising campaign partnered with the Back to School Concert Series promoted by Turnstyle Music Group.
NCT is sometimes seen with various other New York musicians on stage in pop up performances around the city. Keep an ear to the ground as there is so much more to come from this strong writer and performer.

Jacob Aviner

Jacob Aviner, is a New York City singer-songwriter. He writes indie-alternative music, sometimes folky (ish) and sometimes jazzy (ish).

Originally from Connecticut, Jacob lives in New York City right now, and is studying music at NYU.

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Megan Heavlin Ochoa and rock front man turned beat maker Daniel Durrett (collectively known as Future Us) have the perfect name for their groundbreaking fusion of acoustic sensuality and dirty infectious grooves and wild sonic textures: Organic Electronic Sex-Pop. Just a year and a half after meeting through a mutual friend and in ten minutes transforming Megan's rockabilly-tinged On My Mind into their hypnotic, obsessive and dissonant trademark tune, the duo defiantly declares We Are Future Us on their bold and edgy yet supremely danceable seven track debut EP.

Shortly after the two realized the steamy, gritty excitement they could create with Megan's visceral vocals, acoustic cool and honest lyrics and Daniel's mastery of melody, beats, loops, keyboard, and electric guitar, Megan went to see Daniel work his live magic in tandem with a fiddle player. She envisioned the potential they would have onstage, and quickly, even before they had an official name, booked their first gig (an acoustic show) at El Rio, a neighborhood bar in the Mission District. They developed their chemistry further working on a torrent of new material and made their official live debut as Future Us in November 2012 at The Connecticut Yankee club.

Though they've played an eclectic batch of venues (Hotel Utah, Temple, Davis Music Festival, Cole Valley Street Fair) and have also gigged in L.A. (Rafas Lounge in Echo Park) and NYC (Ellas Lounge on the Lower East Side), Future Us has found greater freedom to be their uninhibited selves throwing and headlining hours-long parties for friends and walk-ins alike at house and warehouse parties around San Francisco.

"The music Daniel and I create has reached a point where we feel compelled to share and perform in a way that has taken on a life of its own as a powerful, sexy movement," says Megan. "We want to get into peoples ears and heads, and get them dancing and feeling emotion. A lot of lyrics in electronic music are mindless, but we write and perform songs that people can relate their own life experiences to because we both come from very strong songwriting backgrounds. The beats Daniel gives me are so deep and dirty that they open me up to perform in a way I could never have imagined when I was a solo artist. The audience responds to the uninhibitedness and we in turn enjoy feeding off that crazed energy. We want people to go nuts."

Guitarist and composer Peter Tascio has always been conscious of the dichotomies within music and, rather than distill them, he relishes the experience of it. “I seek it all out. Jazz, Rock, R&B, Pop…each genre is its own window showing a little peak into the vast, infinite possibility which is music.”
Peter remembers clearly when music made the transition into the forefront of his life. “When music first grabbed me, it was through listening. I would listen for hours and hours and just let it uplift my entire being and bring me to new places. I imagined that if I could ever pass that feeling on to others then my life would have the highest meaning.”
Throughout his career Peter has performed in a plethora of settings, including Tutuma Social Club, Kenny’s Castaways, Club Groove, The Greenwich Village Bistro and at countless other locations. His audiences have included Rachel Ray, Larry King, Carly Simon and Bill Clinton. Peter has been hired by many noted companies including New York’s Best Musicians and Carnival Cruise Lines. He has also logged significant hours playing music for children and has been a volunteer with Musicians On Call since 2005.
When asked about Peter noted drummer and educator Tony Moreno (Ben Monder, Jean-Michel Pilc, Bruce Arnold) had this to say: “Peter is able to absorb very complex rhythmic, melodic and harmonic forms organically. His humility, positive energy and heart define his musicianship and his playing speaks for itself.”
Peter Tascio performs regularly in New York City both as a sideman for various artists and as a leader with his band Sinner Man. He holds a BFA in Music Performance from the City College of New York as well as an MM from NYU Steinhardt and is a recipient of the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship. He has studied with such notable guitarists as Wayne Krantz, John Scofield and Kenny Wessel.



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