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Clemm Rishad

It is rare that you come across a hip hop artist that is already a Grammy nominated, platinum songwriter before they hit the national scene as an artist. These are the accolades Tacoma’s Clemm Rishad has already earned as half of the writing and production team Writers Block.

Known best for co-writing Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Fly”, as well as for work with Jason Derulo and Iyaz, Rishad’s work with established stars has been an asset when crafting his own music.

“Being a songwriter has really taught me how to think outside the of box, and I’ve been able to incorporate that into my own material, mixing it in with what I already do,” says Rishad. “ Being signed as a writer to Beluga Heights and J.R Rotem has helped me format my music differently at times, and always has me thinking about how to make great songs with strong hooks.”

Long before Rishad became a writer or an artist, he was the son of a pastor growing up in Tacoma. With his father’s devotion to religion, and a brother who was big in the streets, Rishad grew up learning about two very different worlds and need and outlet for his thoughts.

“I had been writing poetry as a way to express myself, which I wasn’t great at otherwise. Eventually that spilled over into music for me, as a way to vent and get things out,” explains Rishad. “My brother was already working on music, and really helped to bring me along as an artist.”

Soon enough these collaborations lead to Rishad’s first release Image of Me, which was followed by Close Your Eyes and See.

Now as Rishad steps out as an artist on a larger level, he is poised to add to his growing success in music.

“I want my music to move the people and would like to be seen as a leader and a musician and not someone that is going to fall into any type of specific category,” says Rishad.

Will Jordan

A fresh face to the music scene, William Jordan is a 21 year old musician, with a diversified ear for music. One half of Sky Movement's writing team The Writers Block, he recently signed a deal with Universal Music Group's publishing arm, Rondor in cohesion with Beluga Heights.

A native of Tacoma, Washington, Will prides himself on his humble roots. With plans to put his city on the map, he has already made his first step by scoring writing credits on Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday for the J.R. Rotem produced "Fly," featuring Rihanna; an accomplishment foreign to most new comers in the industry.

Will attributes his musical endeavors to his families influence, as well as Ruford "Nudie" Henderson, the CEO of Platinum Reign Studios who believed in WIll's talent and gave him a place to write and record his music. Before he began singing at the age of 17, Will showed promise of his musical talent, playing the piano and the drums for his church. Since then WIll has continually progressed in his art, overcoming his violently charged environment and flourishing out of his introverted spirit.

Passion, creativity, and balance are the foundation for Will's work ethic. With a genuine dedication for his craft, Will continues to win hearts with his soothing vocals, and eclectic writing style. Currently in process is the making of Will's forthcoming EP, Come Fly With Me. Described by the singer as a cross between a love story and his own personal journey, this project will debut Will's aesthetic ear for music and properly introduce him to the music realm.

Kevo Star

What happens when hip-hop, techno, pop, and electronica genres are fused together? “Dirty Pop” a sound created by Brooklyn bred KevO Star, not your typical musical artist. Moving at a rapid pace within the music industry ranks his sound is spreading like wild fire. Creating a musical lane in a world of cookie cutter sounds is sure to keep things fun and ever changing to a normally drab world.

No stranger to the entertainment world, KevO Star has graced the stage with dancehall’s energetic Elephant Man, and appearing in numerous videos he has been with some of music’s heavy hitters. His stunning good looks have landed him campaigns for Sean “Diddy” Combs Sean John clothing line, along with Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Like most artists, KevO Star had the childhood fantasies of being famous, and with hurdles coming from every direction he stayed true to his vision. Staying focused on the dream and making his Mother; GOdmother proud, KevO Star has taken an aggressive approach to bully his way into the industry, and with this determination he is locked and loaded on the prize.

Maliibu Mitch

Bronxite, Maliibu Miitch is not your quintessential rapper. Her sound is a raw blend of, "No Plan B," mixed with a plethora of crass unwavering relentlessness that one would expect from a person who raps rhymes for a living. Just not from female. She is society's stereotype of a rapper on full blast. Tats. Loud. Vulgar. Unclothed. Yet, filled with clever word play. Off, but on delivery and honesty that is sets her music apart from most artist twice her senior. Maliibu Miitch is a rappers rapper, just with model looks, great comedic timing and a presence that is straight from the cosmos.

The exotically mixed, Vietnamese, Filipino and Black Maliibu Miitch is not what most think. Sweet, but wicked on the microphone, Maliibu draws inspiration from artist that range from The Spice Girls, 50 cent and everything in between, but before you start thinking Maliibu Spice, she's more of the latter. With a wrap sheet that would make John Gotti proud, Maliibu is as street as the streets that reared her. 100 percent responsible for everything she writes, Maliibu Miitch is undaunted by outside influence.

After turning down 2 major label record deals 3 weeks apart. (Her manager explained to her how crazy he thought she truly was.) She started her own label named it Hood Foreign and signed herself and hit the grown running. Maliibu's story is a simple one. Don't give up. Never try, always do. Maliibu Miitch is not your quintessential rapper.

Skotch Davis

His sound is original & lyrics are meaningful. He raps with purpose and considers himself in the business of progressive Hip Hop. Witness any of his live performances and your faith in real music will undoubtedly be solidified. Harlem native, Skotch Davis is widely known for his innovative delivery and engaging stage presence. Skotch is a trailblazer who has carved his own niche in the Hip Hop scene by bubbling the underground and pushing the creative envelope beyond its traditional borders.
Skotch's impressive musical pedigree is the cornerstone of his talent. He credits his childhood, growing up in a household filled with the soulful sound of classic and contemporary R&B for providing him with the tools necessary to solidify a foundation as a true musician.
The early exposure to quality musicianship is what sets Skotch Davis apart from others who may fall into his lane. Witness Skotch rehearsing with his band and you will realize he has the "ear for the right sound", this coupled with genuine passion and love for music is what gives him the foundation to make longevity a reality.
Whether Skotch is performing with his organic self-directed live band, or rocking the crowd on track, Davis is continuously raising the bar and placing himself in a position to become a household name worldwide.

Speed AutoBahn

Speed Autobahn is an American rapper and singer-songwriter known for his aggressive bars, conscience diverse flows, innovative style of blending hip hop/ pop, electronica dance musical genres, clever hooks and stunning stage performance. He released his debut single "Live It Up" for the upcoming EP No Limit to Success, which is slated to be released late January 2013. He not only is a musical artist but his music makes you think. He meets the listener from where they stand and he relates to audiences locally nationally and worldwide as shown by the many visitors represented on his , website. With his trademark delivery, unique blend of music genres and his hard hitting lyrics, SPEED is one of music's most versatile, musical artists.

Joey G

D10 & Interstate Snake



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