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Elephant Proof

Elephant Proof is a rag tag group musical mercenaries and battle hardened hired guns who have banded together to fight for a cause they truly believe in; to rid the corrupted music scene of pretense, processed cheese, and pigeon holed art, and to open the minds of oppressed music fans who may have lost their belief that a better tomorrow is just over the horizon. The John Henrys of edm, they are armed with ancient instruments of peace that have been all but forgotten during this dark age of the machines rule. With years of disciplined training as their vehicle and love as their fuel, Elephant Proof's path cannot be swayed by requests of "call me maybe" or even the dreaded "Free Bird." They will shake the earth until balance has been restored in the universe. They will stop at nothing until the righteous grooves that once rained from the heavens and grew from the earth will once again be in abundance for every man, woman, child, and funky alien seeking music for the mind and booty.

Naw just playing, we like fat bass and drrty licks though.

"…….Avoid The Pier will grab your ear right off the bat; repeated listenings will offer previously-missed surprises. This is music with depth and staying power, speaking well for the future of Dubbest…..” – Jambands.com

Bringing forth an innovative and powerful message through roots and dub, Dubbest grants passage into a feeling and energy your mind and soul desires. After four years of burrowing into the Boston reggae scene, the release of “Avoid the Pier” has come along to solidify that message.

Sharing the stage with acts such as JBoog, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, John Brown's Body, The Itals, Stick Figure, The Green, Badfish, and countless others, Dubbest proceeds to seek out any opportunity to display the experience of life, love, happiness, and truth via sound and vibration.



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