Brass Tax Presents Radio Malibu: Summer Vice


Spiced rum, tarantula hawks, psychic petraglyphs, dialated discos, carbonated cabarets, preposterous pageantry, thriving boho bonanzas of bongos, beat hucksters, rave nymphs, burlesque stars, porn carneys, klown kitties, lazer berries, crack muppets, hipsters, slicksters, bleeps, blips, and Black Rock commandos, cheetah-flavored orgy dust and hot sonic saternalia, Weimar Berlin hallucinogens, glitchy mambo, torch-lit tweekeasy, sub-atomic go-go, electro-swing steamcrunk. Entrer dans le monde de Delachaux...


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Ready for some hot-and-steamy, Miami-circa-1986, summer-lovin' fun? Watch out for Crockett & Tubbs as you zoom your speedboats on down to the Public Works "Marina", Friday June 14th. Get balmy with us as Brass Tax launches our Burning Man project — Radio Malibu—with a blast of Summer Vice! Even hardened Florida bush pilots and unlicensed ship captains need a night off now and then to kick their smugglers' blues and put the rock back into their yachts. So strap on those aviators and cutoffs and bring your vices to the dancefloor where we'll blow your mind all night long with this stellar lineup of DJs:

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