MINES has been blasting the Chicago underground with a powerful and enigmatic force for years. While the groups lineup is otherwise evoloving, every basement, warehouse, loft you turn there is front man Bill Satek, with his 500 lbs Twin Reverb either ripping thin air with his scorching guitar licks or crooning witty lyrics at audiences so smoothly you thought you'd already bought the record.

Old Light

Old Light is Garth Klippert, Todd Roper, Patrick Finn, and Scott DeMay.

Old Light plays loud, bad rock music. Old Light sings pretty, catchy melodies. Disco songs about oblivion. Metal songs about love. Rock ‘n’ roll songs about transcendence. Love songs about music. Pop songs about computers. Space jams about black holes. Too old to care, too young to quit.

“No one wants to listen to old men talk about themselves.”

Max Clarke and The Cut Worms


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