Phra and Bot aka Crookers, The first born and raised in Omegna, a picturesque town of Lake Orta, the second in Milan. Together they are the young italian duo who, for some years now, have been travelling on and on in every continent known to man, setting dance floors and millions of people's eardrums on fire.
Let's take a step backward: In 2007 the first overpowering mixtape signed Crookers emerges from the lake's darkness: A deep house and rap based experiment that brakes every sound barrier, slipping into genius.
This first challenge doesn't pass unnoticed and throws the duo out to an endless series of guesting in the best italian and european underground clubs. From the beginning, their style is characterized by an apparently impossibile but fully functional musical constellation: street style, rap, house, fidget and trance.
In 2008 Crookers' range choice goes off with "Day 'n' Nite", a remix of, at the time unknown, Kid Cudi. The hit enters the U.K. charts at 2# (giving way to Lady Gaga) and guarantees Crookers a place in world's dance Hall of Fame.
They are asked to remix for Armand Van Helden and Chemical Brothers, who state, "The Italians are something to look out for". Praises from Black Eyed Peas' Will I Am and Norman Cook, otherwise known as Fat Boy Slim, will soon be added to those of the two londoner fake brothers. Hereafter it's a non stop rising. Interscopes Jimmy Iovine (on his son's request, a fierce fan of the duo) asks them to remix U2, followed by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga & Beyonce who just want Crookers to lay a hand on "Telephone".
Finally in 2010 the album, "Tons of Friends". As the title recites it summons up Crookers' friends: Kelis, Wil I Am, Roisin Murphy, Soul Wax, Major Lazer, Sepultura's Igor Cavalera, Rye Rye and many others. Once again Crookers mix at every musical latitude passing through house, dubstep, reggae, rap and melodic grime. "Tons of Friends" takes rap and centrifuges it with Crookers's distinctive filter, achieving to hit both american hip-hop standard-educated ears and those looking for a cutting-edge and electronic sound (i.e. the dubstep track sang by Kelis). To quote Rye Rye herself in "Hip Hop Changed": They say hip hop changed, but you know we still talk that language / it's just another twist in the shit that we bring / hip hop saved my life so I framed it. Crookers make no compromises but can carry away the most popular names of today's musical landscape to the dephts of the underground sound. This way they clear "the eternal fight between commercial music and making sense music" (Marcus Downling - TGRI, Mishka Blogin). 20 tracks, 25 guests. Crookers do have tons of friends.

Ginger Perry

DJ Ginger, who brought fun theme nights to Denver like chickens and waffles back in the day and who now spins on Sundays at Table 6 and Tooeys. Plus Lipgloss on First Fridays. She puts the good shit in your ear hole so just relax and get ready to be banged out.

"Hey, DJ! Westword Q&A with DJ Ginger":


DJ Shannon von Kelly, DJ & promoter behind the Neon Knights monthly dance party, brings electro•synth•hop•cosmic•indie•disco•wave•tronic to the UMS.

Charles Buckley, aka Charles B, hails from Richmond, Virginia but took the high road to Denver some years back. When Charles strays away from his nine to five, he is stirring a frenzy on Ableton for his next show around the Centennial State.


Fun Music for Good Times

In an ever-growing field of DJs and producers, uniqueness and ingenuity is what makes heads turn. Kris Barman AKA Wuki, has tackled this feat with his brand of electro, techno, dutch house, and bass music. Born half Indian and half German, he grew up listening to an eclectic grab-bag of music. This shows in his strange yet beautiful ethnic fusion of sounds.

Kris is no stranger to the music industry. His previous project "Innerpartysystem", gained considerable recognition in the rock and dance world. Having remixed for Katy Perry, Kaskade, Ladyhawke, The Presets, and many more under his belt, he is ready to kickstart his new project with the same conviction.

After the split of Innerpartysystem, Kris decided to continue his career and dive head first into the dance music world. In 2013 he signed with Teenage Riot Records, with his first release "Diwali", a genre-bending track that pulls influence from the sounds of India amalgamated into dance floor monster.

With support from respected artists such as JFK of MSTRKRFT, Autoerotique, Felix Cartal, AC slater, Tommie Sunshine, Valentino Khan, Luckydate and more, Wuki is ready to take on the task of making a name in the world of dance music.

$20 - $30


Official Westword Music Showcase After Party w/
GINGER PERRY (Pretty Lights Music)
SHANNON von KELLY (Night Drive/Neon Knights)
* Entry for this event is not included w/ the Westword Music Showcase passes

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