SSG's The Intergalactic Humptastic

SSG's The Intergalactic Humptastic

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While space may be the final frontier, the cosmos also appear to be the creative studio of electronic producer Scot Porter, a.k.a. Vox Mod. On the full-length, SYN-ÆSTHETIC, Vox Mod’s galactic production and otherworldly synths hover over beats launched from sci-fi sequencers transporting listeners on a sonic joyride.


Allen’s foray into J-pop/K-pop DJing was inevitable. As a child he spent many a summer in Taiwan, watching Chinese-dubbed broadcast anime and singing along with the infectious opening and ending songs. Allen also moonlights as a writer for SSGMusic, as well as a karaoke DJ at Bush Garden, one of the most storied and revered places for karaoke in all of Seattle. His love for everything Yasutaka Nakata’s done, and pop culture in general, is well documented. He’s pleased as punch that the worlds of mainstream music and Asian pop are colliding, and wishes to only further the cause and foster an environment where people can continue to fall in love with Asian pop music.

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