vir·u·lent/ˈvir(y)ələnt/Adjective:(of a disease or poison) Extremely severe or harmful in its effects.Highly infective. A brutal DEATHCORE band from Phx AZ.

Flying Scorpion

A crowd pleaser and engine starter since early 2011, Flying Scorpion consists of rhythm guitarist Alex Kling, lead guitarist PJ Coleman, bassist Chris Ruiz, drummer Charles Barth, and lead vocalist Chris Elliott. Each member carries an extensive local resume. Kling is a member of local rock staples like Slowpoke and Mourning Maxwell, while Coleman hails from former rock outfits Black Box Burning (Plane View) and The Pilot Episode (Archamedes). Both Kling and Coleman also play in the Smith Family Band, one of the valley's brightest stars. Barth also fronts his solo acoustic folk act Saddles, which Ruiz and Coleman often assist in fleshing out as a full band live. Ruiz and Barth were also components of the now-retired Black Hole Calcutta. Chris Elliott brings in the southern drawl, getting back to his roots while also keeping it brutal with one of AZ's finest death metal acts - Composer, Meet Corpse. Kling, the Scorpion patriarch, started writing and recording out of his own home in late 2010 – soon to be joined by Coleman, and eventually Barth, Ruiz, and after months and months of searching, Elliott came to complete the package.

So pack up the kids, bring your swimsuit, and get ready for an unforgettable evening with the guys. Just remember kids, scorpions can fly, and magic is real.



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