NYC Popfest

NYC Popfest

The New York indie institution, NYC POPFEST, is back at Spike Hill!

The Ballet (NYC)

"The 11 cuts on their self-released debut, Mattachine!, are literate, adult, slyly-permissive contemplations on not simply love, but rather modern romance’s quirks and moral ambiguities." -- NY Press

"In the face of the increasing mainstreaming of gayness, Mattachine! spelunks the often unrevealed vagaries of contemporary queer life. Recalling Holiday-era Magnetic Fields, these songs bop with heady buoyancy, yet are underpinned by complicated butt universal themes: self-deception, infidelity without shame, war fatigue and finding love in a world of online hookups. This is no list of laments; each song celebrates these quandaries." -- Time Out New York

"Totally brilliant, full of adorable, infectious songs that toe a line between 60s bubblegum pop and stylized 90s indie pop. Their orchestral pop is driven by brilliant melodies you can't believe haven't been used before." -- The L Magazine

"The Ballet excels in the sort of three-minute ear candy that boys and girls have been writing about each other for ages. That the band members so effortlessly co-opt the form to detail the gay scene is at once more interesting than the same old he-said/she-said and as casually revolutionary only in its universal likeability." -- Prefix Magazine

The Smittens (VT)

The band is friends first and open-hearted indiepop revolutionaries after that. Max Andrucki, Dana Kaplan, Colin Clary, Missy Bly Holly Chagnon, and David Zacharis switch up instruments, song-writing, and singing to create catchy, harmonydriven twee ballads, pop anthems, and queer love songs—always brilliantly lyrical, and often brazenly political.

Making Marks (NORWAY)

In 2012, Making Marks arose from the ashes of Norwegian indie pop band mylittlepony/My Little Pony. Like that mythical bird, you now. As mylittlepony we released two full length albums (Think Too Much (2008) and Making Marks (2011), won awards in Spain toured several times all over Europe, and also visited the US and Canada, including an official showcase at SXSW 2011.Under “music” you can listen to and buy our whole back catalogue!

Since April 2012 we have been Making Marks and have toured in Italy, the UK, Germany, Austra, Czech Republic and Scandinavia, and also supported Allo Darlin’ in Germany and France. Our first single ”Ticket Machine/Like Spinning” was released on 7” vinyl by London based Fika Recordings in October 2012. Two more singles and a debut album is due to be released by autumn 2013.

Get in touch at makingmarks (at) mail . com

” Making Marks provide shelter in a dizzying storm of changing trends and emerging sounds by remaining true to themselves and what they like…” – All Around Sound (US)

“Here to stay are the band’s sweet male/female vocal harmonies; folk pop orchestration, and sly worldview where one’s greatest dream is to become “Andrew Bird … but younger.” Maybe growing up isn’t so hard after all.” – MTV Iggy (US)

”…(Like Spinning) features some seriously stunning male/female harmonies.” – Under The Radar Magazine (US)

Silkies (Boston, MA)

Garage pop band from Boston via Austin, TX. Like One EP out before end of summer!!!!!!!


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