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Fatal Addiction

Hailing their roots from rural Iowa since 2006, Fatal Addiction has become a common household name and a must see powerhouse for rock music in the Midwest. From small bars and venues to large festivals, Fatal Addiction has shared the stage with such acts as; Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, Sick Puppies, Sevendust, Candlebox, 10 Years and Buckcherry. In April of 2013 they won the largest statewide battle of the bands, which was put on by the coveted radio station LAZER 103.3, based out of Des Moines, IA. Their most recent album, entitled “Undertow” was released in June of 2013 is available on Itunes, numerous satellite radio stations and Amazon. Their high energy stage presence and unfiltered genuine sound has fueled this new rock rebellion from the muddy banks of the Des Moines River.

Cirrus Minor

In late April of 2013, four friends from touring bands got together to write a record (and party of course). Little did they know that upon its completion, troublemakers, heartbreakers, and moneymakers from all around the world would create a movement, dedicated to the enjoyment and creation of real rock and roll music, the way it was intended by those that that came before them. This is the story of IVA.

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