We are an original rock band. Our backgrounds lie in heavy metal, prog, and anything else quality. Our influences are endless and ever growing. We are very song oriented, but leave room from prog and other quirks to find their way into our music.

Originally formed in the mid2000s, Nate and Nathan collaberated after leaving Torture Device's brief existence on the planet. The line up has shifted a little over the years, accompanied by a hiatus or two. Chris Curtis is a friend of Nate's and filled the void on bass, and Jeff is a friend of Nathan's and has replaced our previous drummers.

Sublingual is preparing to record a new record, beginning in April/May of 2011.

Beyond Influence

Originally created in 1998 called " D.R.C." by guitarist and founder Mike Dallaire---D.R.C. played in the Denver Metro Area from 1998-2004, then re-formed in 2006. The band changed it's name to "Kings on the Outside" in 2007, and officially changed it's name to "Beyond Influence" in 2008. Current lineup 2011 - Paul Rampa - Vocals, Mike Dallaire - Guitar, Richard England - Guitar, Scott "Axe" Hendrick - Bass, Joel Rioux - Drums.


Scavenger is a sound of it's own inspired by life, love, and friends

Suffocation In My Silence

Located in Northern Colorado, Suffocation in my Silence is a unique mix of genres. Each member has added something different to the sound of the band, resulting in an eclectic style, with something for everyone's musical taste.

The band plans to release their new album, UnSaid "I Love You's", for sale in early December, 2012. There will be more information to come about the band's CD release show.

Amanda Harras and Mattea Taylor, sisters, are the founding members of Suffocation in my Silence. In October 2011, the band (then called The Clear Resistance) met drummer and sound engineer Austin Harras. The band also met Nick Sullivan of Silo Sound Studios and did some preliminary work for the album at that time.

In January 2012 the band began recording at Steel Chamber Studios, with Austin as the sound engineer. Also in early 2012, the band's name was changed at the suggestion of Mattea to "Suffocation in my Silence". The members felt that the new name more clearly defined the band as a whole and the emotions contained within the music.

Recording and editing of the album continued when the band met lead guitarist Mike Bradley, in May 2012. After adding some new hooks and more effects to the songs, tracking on UnSaid "I Love You's" was completed in October 2012. The album was then mixed by Nick Sullivan and mastered by Dan Utter.

The focus of the band is to unite people in music and human nature, regardless of religion, race, background, or stereotype.

UnSaid "I Love You's" is a diverse array of music, that makes an effort to contrast emotion - hope and desperation, honesty and conflict, pain and happiness, transparency and revolution.

$10.00 - $15.00


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