The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits have been described as a “schizophrenic mix of modern americana that could very well bring traditionalists and the new generation of folk-rock fans together under one sun.”

They play with an energy that’s infectious, charging through changeups and reveling in every solo, making the playing of each song look as enjoyable as it is to listen to. The songs are intricate and insightful in a way that recalls a time when music was more pure, but with a progressive and lighthearted style that seems natural for such a young group.

The band consists of songwriter and lyricist Brian Dale Allen Strouse, accompanied by Vanessa Winter's alternately dancing and soulful vocals over the tight and powerful backing of Brendan Michael Cunningham, Josh Aaron Friedman and Noah Skaroff.


The New England-based roots rock band, Tallahassee takes it's name from a Native American word meaning, "old town." Tallahassee strives to pioneer uncharted sonic territory, harnessing diverse influences ranging from indie to classic rock, folk and blues all filtered through bandmembers' diverse backgrounds in professional football, fine art and classical music.

Tallahassee's latest effort, Old Ways (May 2013), draws inspiration from the band's dynamic and energetic live shows. Over a year-and-a-half in the making, Old Ways showcases a broader sonic palette as well as the most adventurous songs the band has ever written.

Jealous Hands, Tallahassee's 2011 debut album, garnered attention from taste-making blogs (Urban Outfitters, My Old Kentucky Blog, Daytrotter, The Deli) as well as NPR and college radio alike, appearing on the CMJ Top-200 chart for five weeks

Commonwealth Choir

Indie rock outfit from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. A sea of boom chucks and ooo-la-la's, Commonwealth Choir crafts violently lush arrangements with bandmates Davis Jameson Howley (lead vocals, guitar), Jim Keifer (drums), Nick Cislak (lead guitar, vocals, keys), and William Christopher Chamuris (vocals, percussion, keys, guitar).

Ali Wadsworth

Wailing rock from Philly featuring Ali Wadsworth as herself.

The Band (band subject to many many more additions): Dan Schwartz, Phil D'agostino, Tim Arnold, Claire Wadsworth, Jaron Olevsky, Joe Bisirri, Andrew Jay Keenan, Ross Bellenoit, Kevin Killen, Ron Gallo, Andrew Lipke, Dave Davison, David Cope, Adrien Reju, Keith Goodwin, Zack Martin, Steve Quaranta, Sean Hoots, Joshua Britton, Dan Van Wert, Chris Kasper, Ryan Williams, Raphael Cutrufello, and my dad.

band subject to many many more additions.

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