Wake Up Lucid 11pm, The Last Internationale (NYC) 10pm, Birds Of A Black Feather 9pm

Wake Up Lucid

There’s visceral and then there’s Wake Up Lucid. The L.A.-based trio of cousins — Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca — have been making not-so-nice for about five years now, with two EPs and the 2012 full-length “Feel It” outlining their agenda to make heavy blues so dangerous it should be on a do-not-fly list. Live, they play with the lights down low but everything else turned up, leaving bleeding ears to sort out the beauty in their muck and mire. And there is beauty, especially on Wake Up Lucid’s forthcoming EP “Gone With the Night.” More than their previous work, their 30 minutes(!) of new music reveals a broader dynamic, crystallized on the writerly, acoustic-electric title track. The galloping “White Collar Love” is a concise, blue-collar single; the previously teased “I Want” tests high for toxicity; and then there is “Get F*cked,” a 9-minute stew that simmers and then boils over in apoplexy. No surprise that Wake Up Lucid does their studio work with another purveyor of uncompromising heavy music, Joe Cardamone of the Icarus Line. There, “Get F*cked” is a high compliment. -

“If their demos are any indication of what’s in store, we’re expecting
raunchy rock at it’s best.”

“Growling rock n’ roll…”

“Clearly all this band does is feel, and that is exactly what the audience
will do when listening to this album”

“Cousins Ryan, Ian, and Jamie Baca play with the bleary-eyed intensity of
a late 60’s biker-band combo, recalling both the blues rock of the early
Stones and the proto-punk of the Stooges.”

For those still reeling from the White Stripes’ split, Wake Up Lucid is
here to help ease the pain with savage guitar riffs and thunderous drums
coated in garage grit. “I want to howl like the wind tonight,” Baca sings
on “You & I,” and for five too-short songs, his weathered vocals do just

“…it’s exactly the kinda thing your folks might’ve been listening to at
the moment of your conception.”

The Last Internationale (NYC)

The Last Internationale is a NY band that is gaining international notoriety due to their explosive and invitingly unpredictable live performances. The band's sound, which critics praise as very eclectic and fresh, cannot be pigeonholed into any genre but includes elements of folk, blues, rock and roll, punk and even country. As their name suggests, TLI is not only outspoken on social, political, and economic issues but their songs carry a heavy arsenal of poetic artillery aimed at the status quo.

TLI was founded by Edgey and Delila in 2009 when the duo cut a home-studio demo and starting playing at protests and underground venues in NYC. It wasn't long before they started touring the US and then Europe, where they enjoy most of their success, performing in theaters and festivals and appearing on national tv and radio stations. This April TLI will be performing their Los Angeles debut promoting their new EP: New York, I Do Mind Dying.

Birds Of A Black Feather

Sisters, Katie and Sarah, share vocals in this raw blend of Indie Rock, Folk and Soul.



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