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Libricide is an American progressive rock/fusion band from New York City. Formed in 2011 their music takes many genres including rock, prog, pop, metal, acoustic, and electronica and incorporates visual elements to bring about a unique experience reflective of our world's current atmosphere of brooding possibility.

The group has performed at numerous venues throughout the New York tri-state area and in June 2012 released a well-received three-song EP available for free download online.

They are currently working on their self-titled, full-length debut slated for a 2013 release.

Addictive Stranger

Addictive Stranger is a 3-piece progressive, independent rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their debut album, I Slept Through Supernovas, is a high-energy work that pushes the boundaries of genre without being overly intellectual, retains the indie sprit while having crystal clear studio production, and keeps listeners on their toes with constantly changing stylistic direction. Addictive Stranger's sound lies somewhere between the lyrical vocals and carefully crafted arrangements of Radiohead and the hard driving, eastern-influenced rock of Led Zeppelin.

Their live show is as diverse as their music; you never know when one of the musicians will grab a trumpet, or mandolin, or erhu, and weave in a melody that unexpectedly adds a layer of complexity to their songs. One thing is for certain: this does not sound like any 3-piece band you've heard before.

All of their songs are melodic, singable, and with a certain pop sensibility that keeps them connected to the audience, even when the rest of the song elements try their best to excite the imagination. Songs like I Want Out get the audience up and dancing, and songs like Sundown delight the hard rock crowd.

Seth Tsui, founder and lead singer, is a virtuoso classical trombonist with a talent for songwriting and audio engineering. He plays a hybrid guitar/bass/keyboard which he built and programmed himself.
Wade Baker, charismatic lead guitarist, has two degrees in jazz trumpet, and brings to the stage both his depth of experience and his unmistakable personality. Eric Hergenroether, the drummer, also has years of classical training and it shows in his creative variation of beats while keeping a rock-steady tempo.

They perform a variety of covers in addition to their original rock tunes, usually from a selection of their favorite artists: Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Rage Against the Machine and others. You might even hear their take on a jazz standard.

Nafsi Groove

Nafsi Groove is a Brooklyn, NY based, Soul-Jazz-Funk Fusion Band

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