2 Pistols

The hard street life addressed in the raps of 2 Pistols stems from a turbulent childhood. Born Jeremy Saunders in the Tarpon Springs area of Florida, Jeremy spent most of his childhood without his parents, who were in jail, leaving aunts and older brothers to raise him. He was involved in the drug game by his teens, which seemed a more stable gig since his hopes of becoming a pro football player had been crushed due to his smaller stature. He eventually landed in prison, but an earlier impromptu battle where 2 Pistols destroyed an established local rapper was on his mind the whole time. He decided that when he was released from prison he would devote all of his energy, time, and money to becoming a professional rapper. Upon release, he began realizing his goals, first as a promoter of Tampa area hip-hop concerts and then as the head of Blood Money Union, a loose crew featuring DJs, producers, and rappers from the area. By 2007 he was ready to begin his own career, and did so with some high-profile friends. With the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League as producers and T-Pain plus Tay Dizm as guests, 2 Pistols debuted with the single "She Got It," released in 2008 by the Universal label.


Lil Chris

Lil Chris a young up and coming Texas rap artist who was born in Austin, TX and raised in Buda, TX. Lil Chris is an artist who embodies Texas Hip Hop; he is young and energetic with his rhymes and is constantly getting better. Bringing a sound similar to Paul Wall or Riff Raff, Lil Chris has been steadily catching ears of people across the state of Texas.

Lil Chris is a partner in Texas Chant Muzzic with Dallas, TX native rap artist Lil Sicc. Lil Chris is also affiliated with such rappers as King Ice Street Team, YG Street Team, and Belly Boy Affiliated as well as having his own label titled #2STONED (A version of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang or Machine Gun Kelly's Lace Up)

In the past 6 months Lil Chris has opened/performed with Twisted Insane, Juvenile, Chalie Boy, Lil Chuckee, Taylor Gang, Lil Flip, Frenchie, Yung Nation, Dorrough, Lil Scrappy, Short Dawg, Kirko Bangz & B.O.B.
He currently has a hit single out right now with Houston rapper Riff Raff and Lil Sicc in “White Silk Pants.” Lil Chris also has his first official music video out to his single “Dummy” also featuring Lil Sicc.

Important Events Lil Chris has performed & been apart of are the T.E.A.C.H. Fest (Till Everyone Around Can Hear) & The Unsigned Label/Artist HittMenn DJs Showcase both of which were during SXSW 2013, Texas Relays 2013, as well as the Stop The Violence Showcase in Austin, TX. That showcase was to help educate those in attendance the importance of stopping unnecessary violence; Lil Sicc put on this event.

Lil Chris has also been named to the 2013 ATX Freshman Class List presented by the music blog in Austin, TX “Fresh Prince of the ATX.” Just recently Lil Chris has inked product placement deals with ATX Mate/Lighter Mate, and Good Times Tobacco. So as you can see Lil Chris is an artist in Texas who is steadily on the rise. If you are unfamiliar with him now trust in the near future you will be very familiar with the face and name.

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