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David Serby

There's old-time poetry to David Serby's songs. Each song tells a story -- some make you want to dance, some make you want to drink -- and all make you believe Dave's a man who knows how to do both.

Greg Felden

Greg’s finely-crafted, highly personal songs are influenced by his love of artists like Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams and Neil Young, and his delivery – marked by his clear and soulful voice – is completely without affectation. A rare and special thing these days. Since inheriting his father’s old Harmony guitar and a stack of songbooks as an early teenager, Greg has been steeped in the roots of American music, and it shows.

son ark arrived in Los Angeles by way of Roanoke Virginia (which lays exactly between The Grand Ole Opry and Apollo Theatre) when they heard a rumor that Sam Philips was rebuilding Muscle Shoals on the west coast. Since then, son ark has been filling establishments across Los Angeles with their unmistakably unique brand of Americana roots rock and with lyrics that tell tales of bygone eras and heartbreaking love lost, son ark longingly reminds us of days gone by. The songs are not antiques, though. Influenced by the likes of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Patsy Cline, Andrew Bird, and Led Zeppelin, son ark tells their tales in a decidedly contemporary way.

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