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Spreading curiosity and a sense of wonder through music, Hannah Smith, better known as Eitch (pronounced "H") is anything but ordinary. Obsessed with the notion that not everything is as it seems, Eitch uses her lyrics as a means to tell a story that is both of human nature and otherworldly origin.
In 2010, Eitch released her debut album 'Everything, Nothing', a collection of work she began writing and recording starting in 2006. Often compared to the likes of The Knife, Bjork, and CocoRosie, Eitch has carved a lane all for herself by producing and programming 100% of her music, and mapping out intricate vocal arrangements to complement the free form of her instrumentals.

Live, Eitch has chosen to share the stage with genre-bending producer and DJ, Ian Stewart, and together they showcase a theatrically charged performance of alternative, electronic, and pop — or what they've playfully coined as "Altronipop" — to provide people with an enticing template to self reflect.

This year Eitch and Ian Stewart will be taking the stage at several summer music festivals, including Wakarusa in the Ozarks, and The Big Up in Claverack, NY. Eitch is currently releasing her newest 4-track EP 'Health'. All 4 songs will be made available as free downloads via SoundCloud throughout the month of May. 'Everything, Nothing' is currently sold on iTunes, and hard copies are available in the Amoeba Music Stores around California.


Jackson Whalan (of Technicolor Lenses)

Jackson Whalan is a professional MC/rapper, producer and performer of conscious hip-hop. Hip-hop for him is a way of life, a spiritual path, a way of being, and a channel for transformative expression. He spends much of his time as a member of electronic/hip-hop trio Technicolor Lenses. Currently based in New York City, Jackson has played hundreds of shows in the last four years at clubs, concert venues, and music festivals in the northeast U.S. while also attending The New School. He is also involved with the International Day of Peace and is a United Nations youth delegate for Railroad Street Youth Project (NGO)... he hopes to perform at the UN this year (2013), for the second consecutive time. His intention is grounded in creating moments of peace by communicating messages from spirit and soul to societies and communities around the world. Jackson is a bard of the new age.




**Alligators** featuring Keenan O'Meara and K. Marie Kim
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