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Swarm of Arrows

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA – Swarm of Arrows is a four-piece heavy metal sludgecore band. Born in 2009, the band is a continuation of its members' years of heavy influences; taking a melodic approach from early NWOBHM, the bombast of Thrash, Death, and Hardcore Punk of the 90's, and the relentless pounding of modern Sludge and Stoner styles, as ingredients to simmer their stew. This alchemy combined with crafty songwriting, melds a sound that is both burly and aggressive, with peppered hooks that dig deep into the listeners memory for days. In 2010 – Swarm of Arrows self-released their debut CDEP, which set the band up for relentlessly playing live to drive the point home. Early 2012 saw Swarm of Arrows with a new drummer and a gang of new songs ripe for the studio. On Friday July 13th – Swarm of Arrows entered the famous Studio 4 (Conshohocken, PA) with producer Will Yip (Title Fight, Blacklisted, and Cradle of Filth). The outcome – "The Great Seekers of Lesser Life," is a massive beast of an album; dynamically dense with a vicious combination of instrumentation, as well as moody, catchy song writing. It's a hills-and-valleys journey of personal struggle intermixed with science fiction and social commentary; an honest reflection of ideas and feelings that Swarm of Arrows represents. With the album completed, the band of veterans looks to continue their mission of destruction by playing live as much as physically possible, and getting their music to as many people as they can reach.

Stoner/sludge metal band from New York.


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