This Must Be The Band

This Must be the Band is a Talking Heads Tribute Band; we only play Talking Heads music, and, if possible, 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Since forming in May 2007, TMBTB has been Burning Down The House throughout Chicago and the entire midwest. With a rapidly expanding repertoire from the Talking Heads' catalog of countless hits, TMBTB highlights the best of the Talking Heads, equipped with our very own Bernie Worrell, Adrian Belew, Lynn Mabry, and Ednah Holt.

Deep Lunar Blue

Pimpin Henry

Funk group from Springfield IL

Hot Bag O' Donuts

Hot Bag O' Donuts loves you and wants to be your baby! Hot Bag O' Donuts wants you to dance and frolic! Hot Bag O' Donuts wants you to have a good time and will jump around and play songs to make that happen!!

Remember, cigarettes will kill you, but Hot Bag O' Donuts makes you stronger!
"HBoD, truly a Spfld musical delicacy. Always chock full of diversity and sonic surprises. Highly recommended. A+++" - Don White of SoHo Music Festival

"There are many bands playing original music in the area, but few are more original in character and sound than Hot Bag O’ Donuts." - Tom Irwin of Illinois Times

Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine combines the music of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band into a one-of-a-kind funky dance party with the occasional non-dead song intertwined to form their signature Grateful Dead Frankenset. Based in Springfield IL, Sunshine Daydream plays music from every era of the dead sure to excite the purist and casual dead heads alike.

Kamikaze Kush


Josiah (Joe) Gust - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Mccormick - Bass,
Quincy Watson - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jay Jones - Sax
Brian Knect - Drums/Percussion
John Turley - Drums/Percussion

Annatomic and E-Holla

Annatomic first fell in love with electronic music in the early to mid 90's by being introduced by several DJ friends who frequented Raves and clubs in Chicago. Some of her favorite places were The Shelter, Berlin, Crowbar and Red Dog. About 13 years ago she started dabling in DJing and acquired her first set of technics and started gathering records. She has now been DJing out in clubs steady for the last 6 years where she held a residency in Racine, WI spinning Hip-hop, reggae, R n B and House, in Milwaukee, WI she opened for Alexander East at Bad Genie, Fortune at Crave and performed at other various events around town. New to
Springfield she has started to network with other local "House Heads" to try and get the house movement sparked up again, you may have caught her opening for Boombox or DJing on Saturday Night Mixlab on 88.3 WQNA. Her favorite genre will always be house music, particularly tracks that have a funky percussion, sexy vocals and any/or any other nuance that makes hearts flutter and hips shake!!!!! Quote from her, "I LOVE DJing because it gives me freedom to move people through music and a creative outlet to spread positive energy and passion."


Rally/block party for the legalization of industrial hemp and the responsible use of medical marijuana. Event features live music from local bands and DJs, live comedians, and guest speakers including Dan Linn the executive director of Illinois NORML and James Gierach former cook county Asst. States Attorney and board member for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). This Must Be the Band Talking Heads tribute to headline inside Donnie's at 10:00. The outdoor party is free. The show at 10:00 costs $10 for admission.

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