FIDLAR are slackers at heart. The only thing they really care about is skateboarding; trivial things like doing their homework and making the grade in school have little meaning to them. But when their adopted Vietnamese brother turns up dead after discovering an error in the shipping records at his place of work, FIDLAR begins to suspect something more. Refusing to accept the police's theory of suicide, FIDLAR launches their own investigation, determined to uncover the truth of what really happened to their brother.

The Orwells

For The Orwells, Remember When will be an introduction of sorts-the 12-track rat-race shows the band's repertoire of pranging riffs and sneering, snot-nosed vocals. The tracks are a walloping war-cry from a generation that up until this point has only offered bubblegum pop-the animus of The Orwells. It's quite clear early on the in listening to the LP that the band is well aware of the past, the homage rings through the record, using the ghost of punk's past as their musical sprit guide. However, the band straddles the thing line between their influences and their originality, ripping riffs and smashing drums in a fashion that their age into being just another fact mentioned in their bio.
The Orwells are made up of five 17-year-olds from Chicago, Illinois. They play rock n roll music. Their names are Mario, Grant, Henry, Dominick and Matt. They write songs - scratch that, primitive teenage battle cries - about girls and America and being suspended from high school. Although one might categorize The Orwells' distinct brand of the blues as garage or punk, they would be wrong. The Orwells sound comes from a deeper, different place-a place both long forgotten and also timeless.

The Wheelers

Based out of the lonely Midwest of America, the Wheelers are a four-piece band specializing in sonic assaults of manic alternative/garage rock.

The band is excited to share their most recent release, the self-titled full-length, “the Wheelers” on Maximum Ames Records. The album features ten blistering tracks of sincere, melodic chaos, proving to be their most exhilarating release to date.

The Wheelers’ latest is a fitting follow-up to their aggressive 2011 seven-inch records, the extended play entitled, “BUBiX” and a split with fellow Iowa band, Mumford’s. Both were released on the Blood On The Vinyl label.

2009 saw the release of the band’s second full-length album, “Milwaukee Black & Tan” on which the band worked with legendary producer KRAMER (Daniel Johnston, Low, Bongwater, Butthole Surfers, Galaxie 500, Danielson Famile, White Zombie, etcetera.)

In 2008, the band contributed a cover of the Breeders’ smash 1993 single, “Cannonball” to the American Laundromat Records release, “GIGANTIC – A Tribute to Kim Deal.”

Their 2006 debut release, “Observance of the High Ideals” presented ten powerful tracks of thick fuzz.

In a review published in Little Village: Iowa City’s News & Culture Magazine, Erik Farseth (Punk Planet, Maximumrocknroll) had this to say about the band, “At its best, indie rock has always attempted to subvert the tough guy poses of its punk and hardcore brethren, an anti-macho stance that can easily degenerate into preciousness or infantilism. Not so here. This marks the point where the deliberate naivety of the lo-fi movement finally circles back on itself. This is heavy, brutal music for tender hearted creatures.”

The band has been compared to Pavement, Pissed Jeans, the Pixies and Unwound.

In the past they have performed with Dressy Bessy, Simon Joyner, Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova), Blackpool Lights, The North Atlantic, The Poison Control Center, Ed Gray, The Slats and the Miracles of God.



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