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Faux Reality

Faux Reality is an indie-rock trio from El Dorado Kansas. Forming in 2007, the band was originally a pop-punk outfit keen to perform Green Day covers and write about middle-school angst. Over the five years that they have been writing, recording and performing, however, the group has gone from talent shows to headlining their own shows in the Wichita and El Dorado area. Consisting of three best friends Thomas Hays, James Hays and Garret Armstrong, Faux Reality brings a friendly and artistically passionate atmosphere to every concert they put on and in every second of recorded material.

The group began with early 2000s pop-punk bands in mind. Green Day’s American Idiot and blink-182’s Enema of the State can be heard in the various early recordings, but their first EP has a clear admiration for The Starting Line’s Direction and Fall Out Boy’s From Under the Cork Tree. Their most recent work mirrors Person L and Say Anything’s …Is a Real Boy, but with a defined unique style. Bassist and vocalist James Hays cites Bon Iver, The Dismemberment Plan, and The Beatles as the group’s current influences.

The band’s first release came in 2010 with Faux Reality, a self-titled EP showcasing a variety of pop-punk songs with notable indie influences. Finding local success and praise in that release, the group then went on to record a second EP titled Hourglass that was less The Starting Line and more Death Cab for Cutie. In the time following that release, Faux Reality consistently played at local venues, travelled on a small mid-west tour, and worked at writing their full-length record set to be released in early 2013.

Tides For Aviation

Pop Folk,rock band from Kansas City



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