Wilson Foundation Hip Hop Benefit Concert, DJ Evil E, Yung Threatz, Noa James

Wilson Foundation Hip Hop Benefit Concert

Fundraising efforts to improve the quality of life for poor families and individuals in the island Kingdom of Tonga. Our mission is to initiate changes that will make a positive and lasting impact on the population. Performances featuring Ice-T's personal dj world renowned Dj Evil E along with Yung Threats and Noa James.

AGE: 21+

(For tickets call (909)689-5085)

Noa James

Rapping since the age of 13, Noa James began his musical journey as a hobby entering local battle around the Inland Empire after couple years of doing mixtape tracks Noa want to take the music serious cause he realized that he wanted more as an artist and although he was young he knew he had a big story to tell. As a young man Noa experienced more struggle than most people experience their entire lives ranging from his mothers incarceration after abandoning him, his stay in an orphanage, the deportation of his father, and perhaps the most prolific moment in his life; the passing of his beloved grandfather. With such a powerful story to tell, Noa decided to enroll in a writing class at the local community college to help him transfer his thoughts and struggles on paper in a way that truly exposed his reality and emotions. Over the years Noa's autobiographical rhymes have made him a pioneer in the art of story telling and although his powerful stage presence and large stature has made him a force to be reckoned with it is the size of his heart,that has remained most imminent. Not only making a name for himself as an artist, Noa is also widely known as leading force in the Inland Empire underground hip hop movement, creating a stage for aspiring artist and rappers alike to express their creativity in a positive environment at his weekly open mic event in Riverside, CA called The Common Ground.

Noa also holds various charity events to support programs and shelters in surrounding communities including is annual "toys for tots" event to support Mercy House as well as clothes and food drives to give hope to the less fortunate.

Now a member of Black Cloud Music, a independent Inland Empire based music label, Noa along with 9 other like minded and passionate artist are breaking the mold and starting a musical movement that is undeniable and worthy of its growing success.

In May 2010 Noa released his first official album on the label entitled "Beautiful Darkness" which was well received and respectably noted by both his fans and peers. It was a project of love and labor and showed both sides of Noa's personality and elaborate mind. Beautiful Darkness is now available and several record stores in LA,IE and Vegas

His music is raw, honest, and always real. With a undying passion and the heart of a lion, Noa James will continue to lay it all on the line, no-holds-barred: "I take pride in a verse/this is my life/ I grind til it hurts/until I rest in a coffin and ride in a hurse/but I bust through the coffin on some Kill Bill shit and I climbed through the dirt."

$15 Presale - $20 at the door Tickets call (909) 689-5085

Tickets Available at the Door

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