The New Lows (Summer Tour Kickoff)

The New Lows

The New Lows, an American punk rock band from Orlando, Florida, formed in the summer of 2000. After
regional punk rock heroes Shyster called it quits in 1999, singer/songwriter Mike Levin decided to start
over. This time he chose to incorporate his own influences, such as grass roots folk and classic soul,
along with his already fortified punk roots to produce a more melodic, soulful approach. And so The
New Lows was born.

SC Accidental

Post-rockish New Gaze, featuring a wide spectrum of blood. France (Pascal), Canada (FBC), the UK (The Keymaster), Japan (Rodzilla), Florida (sorry Dude-bro) (Also FL by way of South Africa) MC Guire lend their forces to change the way people think.
horse shit.

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