Luscious Lisa

Luscious Lisa

Luscious Lisa is the Pussy Pop Queen of Central Florida. These punk rock party rappers are comprised of the eponymous Luscious Lisa, dropping rhymes so hot, the devil himself gets burned; Scotty Pizza, the over-the-top hype man/MC that populates the room with ass-shaking vibes; and DJ Shakes Vanilla, running the show from behind the decks like a mad scientist on bath salts. By obliterating the wall between performer and audience, Luscious Lisa creates one of the most engaging and intense live performances you're ever likely to see. Common reactions one might hear after a LL show include: "WTF did I just witness, and why do I have such a lasting erection?", "OMG that was pure sex!", "I can't stop shaking from having climaxed so many times!", and "Let's buy the band, like, 6 shots of whiskey!" So, if you enjoy having your mind blown, your sexuality challenged, and your titties popped, then be sure not to miss the one and only LUSCIOUS LISA!!

Hot Hands

A rocking two piece garage noise-pop band based in Orlando, FL. Jeffrey plays guitar and Kristin drums. You won't confuse them as another annoying "couple" band.



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