The Grasstronauts

The Grasstronauts

"The Grasstronauts may not sound like your granddad's bluegrass, but these guys know what they're doing with the banjo, guitar, bass, and mandolin." - Gary Schwind: Incognito Magazine

The Grasstronauts have never fit neatly into one specific genre. While bluegrass may be the basis, it's clear their sound is anything but traditional. Blending elements of bluegrass, rock, jazz and a number of other influences they bring a high energy sound of their own.

Armed with guitar, banjo, mandolin and bull fiddle, The Grasstronauts create a powerful sound that is constantly evolving. "We're always trying to work new things into our sets," says guitarist Lee Syrjanen. "There are songs that have evolved quite a bit since the first time we played them."

Based out of Chicago, The Grasstronauts have been fortunate enough to play various music festivals, clubs and bars. Their unique sound draws people in quickly and engages them until the very last note. With each member having different backgrounds, The Grasstronauts are able to bend genres and provide an experience unlike any other.

"We've always done things differently," says Syrjanen. "We've had good luck that people have enjoyed what we've done so far. There are certainly new and exciting things on the horizon.

Cochino Y Los Pistoleros

Back in the marshes of the Carolinas came an ooozzze of country pickin' stank the likes of which had never been seen before. Cochino needed a posse and slunk his way westward to Chicago and found The Pistoleros - a crazed bunch of lowdown scallywags and car theives. The rest is history.
Hide yer wimmen.

Shit-kickin', beer-drinkin', weed-smokin' country music.



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