Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

"it was still fun to walk in on these black-clad Seattlites turning a Kraftwerk calculator-pop number into a speed-hoedown; their originals, too, thankfully came off more old-school cowpunk than snoozy alt-country." - ROLLING STONE

Formed in 2005 as a cowboy motorcycle club for musicians, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo have earned cult status for their records, tours, comic books, and music videos.
Dressed in black from head-to-toe, the Rodeo draw influence from new wave artists like Devo, glam rock innovators like David Bowie and original country music classics like Johnny Cash. Their look, their sound, their whole deal seems as if they were cast as the band in a Quentin Tarantino film. Three words describe their genre "Country New Wave".

Created with equals parts art and music, this Rodeo developed their own brand of cowboy couture which led to a cult following and positioned them to regularly receive national exposure on the Showtime series "Californication". Their song "You Call Me the Devil" was selected for inclusion on the Season Two soundtrack. And most recently the song "Doomed" was featured as the trailing credits music for the Season Finale of Weeds (Season 7).


Take the train from San Francisco to Oakland. Walk through the parks and by the lake, the places where the turbulence of city life blurs into the serenity of redwood groves and peaceful birdsong. There you will find Waterstrider. Woven through with pop sensibilities, their songs are imbued with a sense of environment, with a weight and a presence that ushers you into the little worlds they create.

Waterstrider, now a rumbling and thundering five-piece, is led by Nate Salman, whose transfixing falsetto is at the core of the band’s sound – it rides atop a tidal wave of booming toms and congas, twists itself around guitar licks and then rises, alone, to new heights.

In great bounds and on quiet tiptoes, Salman’s songs explore what it means to detach – from the city, from our expectations and from ourselves. His songs aren’t statements – they are questions.

Open-ended, mysterious and heartfelt, they are for us as much as for him – a chance to step back and get lost. A chance to wonder.

Idea The Artist

California native and bay area local Inés Beltranena takes her triumphant theatrical folk-rock and combines it with stories and visual art to create one sensory-gratifying product, presented under the name Idea The Artist.

Her new record, "The Northern Lights Are On…" explores the idea that all pain and suffering can ultimately lead to triumph, and culminates, a heart-wrenchingly hopeful collection of songs. Over the course of the eleven compositions that make up The Northern Lights Are On… Beltranena's hauntingly beautiful voice rings out both captivatingly powerful, and delicately finessed, accompanied by lush vocal harmonies and string arrangements, piano, guitars, bass and drums. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Joby Baker (Alex Cuba, db Clifford) of Baker Studios Ltd in his studio in Victoria, British Columbia, The Northern Lights Are On… introduces a young songwriter and artist realizing her craft with a maturity not heard from performers twice her elder

T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes

With one foot in the same Bay Area bayou that the Fogerty brothers once walked and the other foot in, well, the same Bay Are bayou that birthed The Dead, these mostly-Hoosier transplants have been known to make a stir from Mendocino to the San Joaquin to every honky-tonk and hipster bar in between. With Swagger to spare they steer a course between Beachwood Sparks' cosmic-country and the more trad. bluegrass leanings of The Avett Brothers, both with whom they have shared stages.

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