Weekday Warriors

Comprised of Russell ¿Que?, Lord Dan, Funky Fingers, and Torb, the Weekday Warriors have been playing together for around a year. The band has become known for their unique style of acoustic hip hop, as well as their numerous spontaneous jam sessions with local musicians and other artists. The band is always interested in collaboration, and is always entertaining while performing. You can always catch them around at Open Mics, especially at their home base of Mojo Main.

My Worst Critic

My Worst Critic, is a hard-hitting Punk band based out of Newark Delaware, and even though 2011-2012 was their first year reaching beyond their hometown, this fresh, energetic four piece is already making big waves in the northeast. From playing sold out shows at bars and record stores on their home turf, to rocking the stages of famous venues like The Trocadero in Philadelphia, and Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City, Their infectious personalities, catchy lyrics, and a dope ass rhythm section are sure to put them on the map for any real Pop/Punk fan.
The Punk Rock you listen to as you're leaping out of an Airplane.
Band Interests
Swedish fish, Great Beer, Good Times, Sarcasm, Cooking, Heavy Metal, Afros, Steak, Monster, Red bull, Shout music you hear in church, Authentic cutoff shorts, and Coffee.
Artists We Also Like
Your band!! Let's play a show together!! Seriously.

Shane Palko

i was adopted. Maybe. My older brothers told me that they found me, living naked under a log in the woods of Pennsylvania. They took me home and convinced my mum to let them keep me. i now doubt the authenticity of most of this account, although i do fiercely cling to my affinity for my native Pennsylvania. My first instrument was the kazoo. i wrote 7 songs on guitar when i was 6 years old. Then, i quit playing guitar cause my super-arsesome brother made fun of me in front of his cool friends for my strange style. Anyhow, life is a confusing thing, and music helps me make sense of it. Well, that i not true; i would like to officially retract that statement, but i will still leave it for you to read, because it seems true. Nothing makes sense, but music is one of the few places where that is permissible.
When i was 8, i saw a kindly, beardly man playing a drumset made of buckets in Baltimore. Something broke in the atmosphere that night. From that time on, i was the plight of my pop's tool shop. i was a chubby, little bucket-stashing rat. i went home and made myself a bucket drumset. On the center garbage can, i spray-painted "BS," which stood for "bucket set," of course. Music has been a way of life ever since i was young. In recent years, i have hit the byways by way of the melody. A lot of my songs are about traveling. i have kicked around Southern Africa and crossed North America with friends made by my silly, home-seeking songs. i have released two official albums, one of which is available on iTunes. It’s called "Going Places." You may hear that title and think it to be some silly proclamation of big dreams. Nope. It is more of an observation; i like to go places. i like to be places. It is not named for some deep-seated desire for a successful musical career. i already have that. You know how i know my music is successful? My grandad recently told me that he uses my first album, "Pretty Good Songs: Volume VII" as his alarm clock every morning!



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