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Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird is the moniker of San Francisco-based wünderkind Mikey Maramag. His unique style of dreamy folktronica recalls influences from all ends of the musical spectrum; deeply textured, hypnotic songs pay homage to psychedelic pop the likes of Caribou and Washed Out, while the warmth of analogue instrumentation spliced with digital artifacts hints at contemporaries James Blake, Four Tet and Mount Kimbie.

Anthemic, dream-driven themes inspire Blackbird Blackbird's work, where layers of electronic texture drape over organic sounds and ghostly vocals. Within elongated song structures, Blackbird Blackbird harnesses thematic elements of dynamism and composition to create depth and complexity, while never losing sight of his pop sensibilities.

Blackbird Blackbird's debut album Summer Heart was lauded by modern tastemakers, receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Fader, XLR8R, Rcrdlbl, and more. Recently returning from a whirl-wind European tour, Blackbird Blackbird has been signed to the Lavish Habits imprint out of San Francisco.


"Tenderlions are an incredible duo that I've been trying to show some blog love to for quite a while. They are constantly working on something new and fresh. Concentrating more on the live show has been their main focus, and it's a good thing because once these guys hit the big leagues their live show won't disappoint. John's live drums gives persona and a distinct quality that is clearly not smoke and mirrors, but a virtue of what a real band is all about. Evan's live programming and knob twiddling is one that pays off and isn't just there for show. Their tracks come off as a thunderstorm after a perfectly sunny day, although unexpected it is truly a sight to hear and see, and reason enough to get off the couch. San Francisco is definitely ready for a big change and a new vibe and these guys are it. They are the frozen lemonade at the summer street festival." --Big Stereo


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