Actions Louder Than Words- FAREWELL SHOW!

Dig Ur Grave

Dig Ur Grave is preparing to track the predecessor to their first lp "Vagabond" titled "Spectrum". This will be the second full length release excluding their first ep in early 2011 and more recent split with Charlotte's finest "Actions Louder Than Words" titled "Straight Outta Compilation"-Dec. '11. "Spectrum" is expected to release in late 2012 as no definitive date is set at the moment. The upcoming release will be the first collaboration with a solid and set-in-stone lineup - Conrad, Presto, Stew, Aron, Michael, and Devon. The new album will be tracked at lead vocalist's recording studio. Expect strange twists of all genres of music on "Spectrum" and a "f*@k you" attitude throughout.

Conrad noted "We are not the most talented musicians out there. Nor do we try to blow your mind with arpeggios and mario dungeon sweeps. The rest of the death metal scene carries that torch. Spectrum is about versatility. It is about letting go of what you expect from us and showing you pieces of who we are in the music. Whether it be lyrics or the music, we thrive on experimenting with crazy mixes of heavy elements with flat-out blues and rock n' roll. If I and the rest of the band, fails to bang our heads to it or I don't get the hair on the back of my neck to stand up at a breakdown, it gets shit canned on the spot. We are up to 17 songs already in the studio. We got choices. Even If we have a handful of fans, they are what it is all about. We don't have anything to prove to anybody else. Nor do we put ourselves up on some f&%king pedestal. You can come up to me and we'll talk at a show. Share a beer with me. You won't catch me hiding out in the van until our time to play comes up."

There is also talks of "Straight Outta Compilation II" split to be released this summer before their lp "Spectrum" is released. Be on the lookout for that as well.

Gentlemen of Fortune

Gentlemen of Fortune was formed in 2010 out of Charlotte, NC. Throughout several member changes, the Gents have firmly established a sound they can call their own- arranging elements of post-hardcore and dynamics of modern metal along with powerfully driven vocals to deliver a unique taste on an otherwise bland music scene.

Along with renowned engineer/producer Jamie King, Gentlemen of Fortune will be releasing a short demo "Homecoming" which will be available this summer.



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