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One day, Jesus was walking around the area that is now Kansas City, when he stepped on a thorn. The sight of his own blood turned him on, so he decided to masturbate on his foot, creating a strange ooze of blood and semen, which he left on the ground. Flash forward to recent times, a strong midwest thunderstorm blew through town, and the torrential rains reconstituted the ooze. When the ooze fell down into the sewer system, a band of super human idiots was formed.


Over the past 10 years, Huey has honed his craft becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Kansas City music community. His unwavering freestyles and in your face content make him a long awaited breath of fresh air. Huey has been a featured artist on a host of projects, including Black Ice Vol. 1, Vol. 2: The Hatred, and an untitled, unreleased full length album (all in collaboration with SK of Vallejo, CA and Flo of Washington DC.)

Huey linked up with SK and Flo to form a group called Black Ice Clik in 2005. Due to unforeseen circumstances the group broke up in 2007. On the eve of the collapse, Huey was asked to join the Heet Mob out of Kansas City, MO. In 2010 Heet Mob dropped their long-awaited full-length album "Found Missin" on Chuck D's recording label, Slam Jamz.

Huey relocated to the Bay Area in the spring of 2010, where he reconnected with longtime friend and collaborator, SK. While in the Bay, he recorded his debut solo mix-tape "The Valley of the Beast". Due to financial circumstances, Huey was forced to leave California and return to KC by way of Denver, CO.Upon returning to KC, he began work on an EP titled "I Am Just Happy to be Here" that will dropping soon and features production from DJ Hylanda, Dan Matic and DJ Kutt.

After years of sacrifice and perfecting his signature flow, Huey is ready and willing to be the best. His consistency and dedication make him the ultimate MC ad we are excited about what he brings to the ta

Ir Neko

"With pain comes perseverance". Neko has proven this phrase to be true on a number of accounts. Through his music, he is able to give a deeper look into his life. Neko is most respected for his ability to express the trials he has overcome as well as those challenges with which he continues to struggle.

Born and raised in the mecca of jazz entertainment in Kansas City, MO, music has always been an important part of Neko's life. He might even say that music was his first love. With his obvious passion for his music, it is easy to believe that music will be his last. Neko is more than just a rapper. He is an artist who displays every aspect of his craft through his music. As life continues to inspire him, Neko is developing into an artist whose music and story are so intriguing. It is both simple and complex. That formula, alone, makes us want to continue to listen to this artist in anticipation of what is next.

"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't."- Johnny Depp


Bio: The Abnorm (aka L-wood, A.B.N.O., Abba-Niggy-Normal, Richard McSkitzo, Mr. All About Ya Momma, etc) escaped thru the tunnel of life on March 14, 1991. Ever since then, he's been a different person....
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