Jeremy David Miller of Rambos, Ryan Anderson of Go Long Mule

Jeremy David Miller of Rambos

Jeremy David Miller says it has taken him thirty years to write his first record, Lepus.

Thirty years of learning wordplay, thirty years of melding melodies, thirty years of observing. Now as Miller steps up to the mic he is ready to pronounce, “I am here and this is what I’m saying.”

Ryan Anderson of Go Long Mule

Pieced together after a series of fateful barroom encounters, Go Long Mule has created a style that is as much cheers and laughter as it is a drunken brawl.
This group of multi-instrumentalists renders tales of the beauty parlor and the junkyard alike with a rag-and-bones style that delights the ears, the ribs, and the hips. They released their debut record "Kissing the Gunner's Daughter" in the summer of 2011."


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