Secret Secretaries

When The Secret Secretaries formed in the Winter of 2009, they didn't start a band to start a band. Stellar and Nic found each other living in San Francisco's Liguiria Hotel, writing music and words just for fun, hanging out and staying up late in all-night sing-along jam sessions with friends. Self-releasing their debut album "Birthmarked", the band set out on tour in the Summer of 2011 in their space-van Veronica Lake and have been sowing the seeds of conspiracy since. Old friends became new band members when Travis (bass) and Ella (guitar) stepped in to crank their sound and plot new missions. "Through Closed Eyes", their second full-length album will be available online 11/11/11 as they set off to explore new star systems. Sshhh...


2-for-1 Budweiser all night!

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