The R.I.G.

The R.I.G.

Formed in the 00's, the R.I.G. was a "super group" of players from the bay area that had all been in touring bands that were "transition" and were figuring out their next move.
It originally stood for RituaL.Izabella.Garrin.

It consisted of:

Murph - Bass (Huckle - Formerly of Izabella)
Lucas Carlton - Drums (Hot Buttered Rum, Sleeping Giants - Formerly of Izabella)
Sean Lehe - Guitar and Vocals (Bumptet, - formerly of Izabella, Poor Man's whiskey, and Ten Mile Tide)
Garrin Benfield - Guitar and Vocals
Jordan Feinstein - Keys and vocals (Jordan and the RituaL, La Gente, Shantytown)

They have all gone on to other great bands - Hot Buttered Rum, Poor Man's whiskey, Huckle, La Gente, and more.
Garrin has been touring nationally as a solo artist/loop master. Sean now leads the Bumptet and Jordan has become a producer as well as leading his own band, Jordan and the RituaL.

They play a mix of originals and plenty of dylan/band/dead covers. They were according to and un-named industry insider, "the best unseen band ever!" This is their first reunion in over 5 years!

This is a Free Show!

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