County Drop, New Politicians, Pigeons

County Drop

County Drop is a 4-piece experimental pop-punk band formed in New Brunswick, NJ. Since their formation in the summer of 2009, the band has brought their blend of likable rhythms and meditative lyrics all over Jersey. Influenced by anything with a beat, the band has not put many limits on their music, or themselves, which shows in their material. To date the band has released a full length LP entitled “Building Elephants” and a five song EP, “Ink of the Octopus”. County Drop is Brian – guitar/vocals, Jay – bass/vocals, Kawan – guitar, Jack – drums.

New Politicians

New Politicians are a four piece Post-Punk, Alternative Rock band from Centerville, NJ. The band consists of Renal Anthony (vocals/guitar), Evan Glickman (drums), Winston Mitlo (bass), and Gian Cortese (guitar/keyboards/vocals). Formed in October 2012, they began writing their song catalog and honing their live sound. In March 2013 the band released their first official EP entitled 'Alpha Decay'. This three track release is available for download on their BandCamp webpage.


Pigeons was formed in the summer of 2011 after the passing of a friend inspired lead singer Joe Ruff and drummer, Nick Kile to come together and create music that told stories about human nature and experience. A little over a year later, after a the addition of bassist, Marc Mace and guitarist, Tyler Boland, the band recorded "The Helpless and The Hopeless EP" and began playing all around Central Jersey. Their first EP is a collection of 6 songs about the difficulties of faith, love and the endless battles fought against the forces of apathy. With a rich blend of folk harmonies and ripping guitar solos, Pigeons pulls no punches in their efforts to write songs that matter--songs that tell stories and songs that make you feel something. They've currently advanced to the final round of Soundwaves, Fearless, and Old Friends Records' Battle of the Bands, and have booked several shows in New York City for the coming summer.


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