Clay Hughes & The Tuning Spoon

Clay Hughes & The Tuning Spoon

"Clay Hughes' Burn could be a radio juggernaut, if in the hands of the right people. Mixing the laid-back surfer folk of Jack Johnson with the psychedelic soul of Gnarls Barkley, Hughes has all the earmarks of a potential hit-maker."

Nick Spacek
The Pitch

Shantel Leitner

Shantel Leitner is a soulful Midwesterner brought up on the plains of a small, idyllic town in Kansas. She began singing at a small age, following in the foot steps of her grandfather, mother, & aunt who comprised a family country/western band. Shantel shows an affinity for a soul sensibility that melds itself with a pop/folk likability. Where there is musical sincerity, Shantel finds the most truth & hungers to connect with the listener. Shantel's style could best be described as pop/folk infused with a bit of soul as her voice floats above her guitar, harkening a raw quality reminiscent of an old blues record.

Timothy Israel

with a rare and complex timbre,that ranges from soprano to tenor,and the dynamic songwriting ability similar to many great artist of the 60's,70's,80's,,music artist,singer and songwriter Timothy Israel was born Timothy Bolden in 1975 to illinois native parents in the small town of lawton,Oklahoma,historic U.S state of native America.Growing up poor and with his family re-locating to the south,like most children,his childhood was filled with imagination and creative expression.In transitioning from the challenges of childhood,he continued his creative outlook upon life,developing a great love for writing,poetry,music,and God.Timothy Israel formed his first band in 2007,later releasing his debut album in 2010,''Life Visions".Though the band lasted a year(2007-2008),Timothy Israel since has continued to ameliorate him self as a singer/songwriter/composer/musician.Today he is a resilient,ever evolving solo artist/performer,steady on the rise,who's music captures the very essence of life's power,beauty,simplicity and freedom of all our experiences,making him the perfect international spokesman for us all.



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